There are many things that must be done to an automobile to keep it running properly, and efficiently. One of the most important things that can be done is a regular oil change. Regular oil changes are vital for proper performance, high efficiency, and long life.

Why Get an Oil Change? — Oil lubricates

Motor oil has several vital roles, first of which is lubrication. All moving parts inside the engine are lubricated by motor oil; this allows them to move with minimal wear, and minimal power loss due to friction.

Friction is your engine’s enemy. It reduces power by transforming movement into extra heat; extra heat can cause parts to warp, expand, and seize causing permanent damage. It also reduces efficiency, which means lower gas mileage, and higher operating expense.

Why Get An Oil Change? — Oil Protects

The film that motor oil provides between your engine’s moving parts protects them from wearing out, but there is another form of protection that motor oil provides.

Motor oil protects engine parts from corrosion. Contaminates, condensation, and combustion byproducts are all corrosive to the engine’s internals. Motor oil is designed to combat these corrosive contaminates and protect your engine from damage.

When you get an oil change you refresh these corrosion fighting formulas that help protect your engine.

Why Get An Oil Change? — Oil Cleans

When an engine gets dirty, if begins to lose power, and becomes less efficient. Deposits can build up, and foul up the inner workings of your engine. Particles smaller than a human hair can become a problem if left unattended.

Motor oil is designed to catch these tiny contaminates, remove them from your engine’s moving parts, and hold them until they can be filtered out by the oil filter.

Regular oil changes remove those contaminates captured by the oil and the oil filter.

Oil changes are about more than just lubrication!

Regular oil changes are about much more than just keeping moving parts lubricated. They play an important role in keeping your vehicle on the road for years to come, and reducing major repair costs.