By now, you have probably seen at least a few of the many posts we’ve made, here and elsewhere, chronicling our participation in WRL endurance races. The reason we’re so gung ho about these races, and this series in general, is simple: we love it! We want to share our experiences with you, dear reader, whether you are a fellow racer or car enthusiast, or someone who visits our shop but might have never before been exposed to the world of endurance racing or motorsport in general. 

To that end, here’s a brand new video on the WRL YouTube Channel introducing the series to let you know what it’s all about! (The more astute viewers will notice that the Fifth Gear Motorsports #87 Boxster makes several cameo appearances, as well!)
While you’re at it, if you haven’t seen our own recently updated channel yet, you can check it out and subscribe to it here.