Service a VW in Lewisville

Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany but you’ve probably seen plenty of VW in Lewisville. It is the biggest German automaker and the third largest automaker in the world, with the Beetle, Golf, and Passat being in the top 10 best-selling cars of all time. In the 1930s, German automakers were trying to find a way to make a small, affordable car suitable for a family. Over many years, VW maintained a reputation for being reliable, affordable, and desirable.

Volkswagen vehicles have won many awards over the years, including World Car of the Year four times (the most of any automaker) in 2009 (VW Golf), 2010 (VW Polo), 2012 (VW up!), and 2013 (VW Golf),the 2009 “Green Car of the Year” from the Green Car Journal in 2009 to the VW Jetta TDI, and three time winner of European Car of the Year in 1992 (VW Golf), 2010 (VW Polo), 2013 (VW Golf).

VW has changed how the world thinks about fuel, clean fuel options, and fuel-efficiency. They have been selling low sulphur diesel-powered engines since 2003 and developed Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) technology for diesel engines. They are committed to developing clean diesel and other fuel-efficient technologies to increase sales to environmentally conscious consumers. VW also offers flexible-fuel vehicles and electric vehicles like the two-door E-Up! concept car. And even with its eyes on setting environmental goals, performance isn’t forgotten. Even the Jetta Hybrid, in 2012, set the world record to become the fastest hybrid car at 187 mph.

If you are located in the Lewisville area and need maintenance or guidance for your VW, come see us at Fifth Gear.