German Auto Repair

There is great discussion about who’s car is better: European or US? Many will say, “drive a European car and you’ll never go back.” Why is that? What makes European cars, especially German ones, better than any other? The reputation goes back generations to the birth of the automobile industry.

Karl Benz and Nikolaus Otto are considered the fathers of the automobile with the development of the four-stroke internal combustion engine in the late 1870s. This led to the modern day motor car. By 1901, Germany was producing 900 cars a year. The legacy continues today, as five German companies and seven marques dominate the automotive industry in the country. These are Volkswagen AG (And subsidiaries Audi and Porsche), BMW AG, Daimler AG, Adam Opel AG and Ford-Werke GmbH. Nearly six million vehicles are produced in Germany each year and is one of the top 4 automobile manufacturers in the world.

German auto makers also have a high reputation for safety, technology, and craftsmanship. Engineers are given a pedestal to which they can freely create and produce impressive machinery. They have also done a fantastic job of brand-creation. People want to buy what Germans are making. They know their money will go to high-performance and reliability. It’s simply a great investment and German auto repair needs to be taken seriously.

So would someone who has made such a notable investment give Uncle Joe permission to do maintenance on their car? Certainly not. All vehicles need a routine looking-over to maintain the best running machine possible. Whether it is a tune-up or significant repair work, let a trained professional who knows the value of German autos do your repair.