Windshield Wipers and Lighting

Windshield wipers and lighting are an often overlooked component of your automobiles safety and performance. These two items boil down to being able to see what is on the road and having what is on the road see you. Living here in North Texas and with our infamous spring showers it is important to make sure your vehicle is operating at best.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are there to keep your windshield clear of water, dirt and debris and allow for maximum visibility, and depending on who you ask should be changed every 6-12 months. This sounds very similar to the 6 month cleanings your dentist suggests, and probably occurs with about the same consistency. In any event, here is what 4 out of 5 mechanics suggest are symptoms that you might need new wipers:

  • Smearing
  • Streaking
  • Skipping or Chattering
  • Squeaking

And just a reminder, don’t forget that rear window wiper, if you have one.


Lights are all around your vehicle and they each play an important role. Headlights illuminate the road ahead while running lights and turn signals alert other drivers to your presence or intentions. Unlike wipers there are no suggested timeframes for changing lights, but you may receive some indicators that lights are going bad, or have gone bad:

  • Dimming lights
  • Rapid blinking of your signals

In most cases you will need to do a visual inspection of your lights or count on the courteous hand gesture of other drivers to insure you have all your lights operational.

Here are a couple suggestions that can keep you in the good graces of your fellow drivers and keep you safe:

  • Make sure your headlights are properly aimed, so that you are neither blinding oncoming traffic or overdriving your headlights at normal operating speeds.
  • Don’t overdrive your headlights, or based on the previous suggestion, either properly aim them, or slow down.
  • Keep all your lights clean, both head and tail lights. And if you have the dreaded cloudy lens, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for our Headlight Restoration.
  • Turn on your headlights in twilight and dawn conditions. If you’re not sure, go ahead and turn them on. At the very least it will make you easier to see.

With Springtime storms in Texas in full effect it is always a good idea to insure your vehicle is working properly. Your wipers and lights and just a couple of the many components that insure your vehicle is operation at peak performance. Fifth Gear Automotive is here to help insure the safety of your vehicle. The Fifth Gear Automotive ASE Certified Technicians perform courtesy inspections on all vehicles that come in our shop. If you think you have a wiper or lighting issues, stop by the shop or set up an appointment today.

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