There are many basics of car maintenance we all do regularly: check and change our oil, wash our car, check that we have air in our tires. Most people overlook the importance of tire rotations and the usefulness of this simple procedure. While each car and tire combination is different, basic maintenance of the tires can assist in making your vehicle perform at its best.

Tire Rotation Significance

Tire rotation is important due to tire wear. Tires work differently, depending on their location on your vehicle. Rotating them on a regular basis will even the wear, prolonging their lifespan. A criss-cross pattern is used when moving the tires to their new position allowing the tires to wear evenly.

Tire Rotation Time Frame

Every vehicle is different, but most manufacturers recommend that a tire rotation happens every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Check with your owner’s manual for information specific to your vehicle.


Doing a tire rotation is a simple procedure that can be done at our Fifth Gear Auto Repair Shop.


Right-side tires have more exposure to curbs and other road hazards; a tire rotation to the other side of the vehicle prevents excessive outside wear. Front tires will show more wear if you are driving a front-drive vehicle. It is important to visually inspect your tires on a regular basis. Obvious signs of wear need immediate attention.


Having your tire rotation done on a timely basis will help keep maintenance cost down on your vehicle. Evenly wearing through your tires will prolong their life and lessen the frequency of having to invest in a new set. Tires that are maintained well will keep you safer while driving.