The refrigerant in your vehicle’s air conditioning system does not get used up as worn out motor oil can. When the auto AC is low on refrigerant, it is likely that you have a leak in the AC system. Let’s check out some of the signs your vehicle is in need of auto AC repair in Lantana, TX:

  • The AC isn’t blowing air as cold as normal
  • The vents are blowing warm air
  • Unusual noise occurs when the air conditioner is running
  • You smell strange and unpleasant odors when the AC is in use

Why Adding Refrigerant Yourself is the Wrong Thing to Do

There is a reason refrigerant continues to change – it is bad for the environment. There is also a reason why you should leave recharging your vehicle’s air conditioning system to a professional, because you may cause more damage than good. Furthermore, recharging the system does not fix the leak causing it to below in the first place. The leak requires professional auto AC repair in Lantana, TX before the system can be recharged. Otherwise, the refrigerant will continue to leak out of the system, threatening the environment and the system itself.

The Causes

Age and moisture are common causes of a leak in the auto air conditioning system. Although most of the system is metal, it also contains a number of components comprised of rubber. As the rubber degrades over time, the component will eventually fail, allowing refrigerant to escape.

The Damage

Once a leak occurs in the air conditioning system, it is highly probable that moisture will enter the system. Once moisture combines with the remaining refrigerant, a corrosive acid is created, accelerating the damage to the system’s components. The consequences are often the need for a new compressor, accumulator, dryer and other components. The longer you wait for scheduling auto AC repair in Lantana, TX, the more extensive the damage and potential repairs can be. Furthermore, refrigerant also contains the oil, which lubricates the system, when the level is low, accelerated wear occurs.

Auto Air Conditioning Services in Lantana, TX

Scheduling AC services early on when you suspect a refrigerant leak, reduces the risks of compressor failure and the need for replacement of it and other components.

Our AC service includes:

  • A comprehensive performance test of the air conditioning system
  • Inspection of the system and refrigerant leak detection
  • Repair of the leak, evacuation of air and moisture, and recharging the system to the proper level

Why We Recommend Annual Air Conditioning Service

Providing routine professional annual service for your vehicle’s air conditioner ensures maximum cooling and your comfort. In addition, annual service ensures the proper lubrication of the compressor, reducing the chances of premature failure of the costly component. Routine maintenance and the scheduling of an auto AC repair in Lantana, TX promptly when a problem occurs, helps to prevent a more costly repair in the end.

Types of Refrigerant

There are several different types of refrigerants used in automobiles, and if you are not certain which type is in your vehicle, rely on the professional services of Fifth Gear Automotive. Installing the wrong refrigerant in your car’s AC system is not only illegal, but it can also damage the compressor, and may cause cooling problems. AC systems can be converted to other types in most situations, but the professional evacuation of the existing refrigerant is required before conversion.

Older vehicles utilized R-12 refrigerant, and in those vehicles, only R-134a has been approved for conversion by all manufacturers. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s across the board recommend the use of R-12 as long as is possible. When it is time to replace the compressor is the time for conversion to R-134a refrigerant. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the conversion and/or auto AC repair in Lantana, TX that you require.

Newer automobiles use a newer type of refrigerant called R-1234yf, which replaces r-134a. Currently, it is available through garages and dealerships for installation. It is a costly product, and it benefits your wallet to schedule service at the first signs of a problem. As the new kid on the block, R-1234yf is far less damaging to the environment than R-12 and r-1234a. For example, refrigerants are assigned a rating for global warming potential. r-1234a has an impact of 1200, whereas R-1234yf has a rated impact of 4.

Other AC Problems

  • Blown fuses are easy to take care of, but if the fuse continues to blow an electrical problem is present. Our knowledgeable mechanics can locate the problem and provide auto AC repair in Lantana, TX, ensuring your comfort.
  • Clogged expansion valve
  • A faulty blower fan
  • Clogged condensate drain
  • Odors may be due to a dirty cabin air filter or mold on the coil. Our certified mechanics will provide the auto AC repair in Lantana, TX required, resolving both the problem and odor.

When your vehicle requires auto AC repair in Lantana, TX, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule service. Our ASE certified automotive technicians service all brands of vehicles, domestic, imports and luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, VW, and other fine cars.

Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the reliable auto AC repair in Lantana, TX that you need. Our professional mechanics provide expertise for reliable service and your satisfaction. Call Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule an appointment for your automotive needs in Lantana, TX.