Instead of viewing the “check engine” light as a sign of doom and gloom; try looking at it as a means of staying on top of potential problems, extending the life of your vehicle. Most often that light is simply telling us about problems that could be avoided with regular car maintenance. Finding the right auto repair in Lewisville TX, can make that simple.

CarMD gives us the 5 most common causes of the “check engine” light:

1. The oxygen sensor, which measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust, is faulty. It communicates with the car’s computer, telling it how much fuel is in the tank. Without repair, a car’s gas mileage can drop due to the inaccurate information.

2. When a gas cap is loose or missing, gas will evaporate causing reduced gas mileage. Consumers can have it replaced for a few dollars and sometimes even tightened for free.

3. No one wants to hear that their catalytic converter is broken. This can get pretty expensive because it uses a catalyst, which is more than likely, a precious metal like platinum. The catalyst converts dangerous gases left over from combustion into less dangerous emissions. Seeking out auto repair in Lewisville TX, for maintenance, pays in avoiding this repair, because catalytic converters usually won’t fail unless a related part malfunctions first.

4. When the mass air flow sensor malfunctions a car can lose power, decrease in mileage, and cause surges during acceleration. When working correctly, it measures the amount of air given to the motor, determining the amount of fuel being distributed. Auto repair in Lewisville TX will be able to give you an affordable fix.

5. Spark plugs make the vehicle go by igniting the compressed fuel in an internal combustion engine. When spark plugs mis-fire the engine power and mileage are not only affected, but the catalytic converter may also get damaged.