When your automotive air conditioning fails to cool, it may involve a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak can lead to further costly damage to the air conditioning system. However, you can potentially prevent the damage by bringing your car in to Fifth Gear Automotive for Auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX at the first sign of a problem.

You can rely on our certified professionals’ skill in diagnosing and repair of automotive air conditioning issues. There are a number of problems that can cause an automotive air conditioner to stop providing the cold air required for the occupants comfort. A refrigerant leak is a common problem when a vehicle’s air conditioner fails to provide the cold air you need to be comfortable. Our experts will determine the reason, and can provide the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX that your vehicle requires.

If your vehicle is in need of refrigerant, our technicians can provide the evacuation and recharge needed. Evacuation is the removal of air that has entered the system due to a leak. Once the leak is repaired and sealed, the system is evacuated, and is recharged with refrigerant at the factory recommended level. Finally, the system is inspected ensuring it is performing properly.

Not having a functioning air conditioner in a vehicle can mean life or death for those with health issues. Persons with heart disease, lung disease, specific endocrine disorders and on specific medications can be placed in a life threatening situation when the vehicle’s air conditioning fails to provide the dehumidified, cold air they need to breathe. If this sounds like you or a family member, call now to schedule an appointment, and let our customer service agent know the lack of air conditioning can adversely affect the health and welfare of yourself or a family member.

When your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t performing as it should, Fifth Gear Automotive professionals can provide a performance diagnostic on the system. Once the cause is determined, we will inform you of our findings, and let you know the options for auto ac repair in Lewisville, TX.

Automotive air conditioning uses refrigerant to keep you cool inside your vehicle. Prior to 1994, R-12 refrigerant was used in automotive air conditioners. Once R-12 refrigerant was identified as depleting the ozone layer of the atmosphere, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlawed the further manufacture of R12 refrigerant, and R-134a refrigerant was introduced as a safer substitute.

Our Air Conditioning Retrofitting for 134a Includes:

  • Evaluate the AC system’s level of performance
  • R-12 refrigerant recovery
  • Complete evacuation
  • Conversion of system to R-134a
  • Installation of service access conversion fittings
  • Recharging of system with the correct amount of R-134a
  • The addition of compatible R-134a oil
  • Provide a compatible dryer/ accumulator for the system
  • Provide a post-conversion performance test to ensure proper performance

If your vehicle was manufactured before 1994, retrofitting for R-134a can be provided. Our experienced mechanics can provide you with expert Auto AC Repair in Lewisville, TX.

We Service All AC Systems

If your vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for a comprehensive air conditioning performance inspection to identify any leaks or worn components. Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s air conditioning regardless of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Fifth Gear Automotive provides automotive air conditioning inspection, service and auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. Our certified professionals provide air conditioning services, and other automotive repair and maintenance services that you can rely on. Drop by or schedule an appointment today for all of your automotive needs in Lewisville, TX.