The spark plug delivers the electrical current into the combustion engine where the spark occurs. The spark ignites the compressed fuel/air mixture creating pressure within the engine. Without the spark, ignition can fail in the cylinder. When you have potential spark plug problems, Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX you require.

A misfiring motor and poor performance may indicate a problem with the spark plugs. Over time they will wear out, and if not changed, problems such as a rough idle, trouble starting, engine misfires, engine surging, poor acceleration and poor gas mileage can occur. The following explains each potential issue:

Trouble Starting the Car

It is common for people to think a dead battery is the cause of a vehicle that will not start. However, worn spark plugs are a potential cause. Without the spark, the process of combustion will not occur. Your owner’s manual will list the recommended time for replacing the spark plugs. In addition, spark plugs may require cleaning, and the gap checked to ensure proper performance. Our highly trained, ASE certified mechanics can provide the automotive services you need, including BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX.

Rough Idling

A properly operating engine will idle smoothly. Problems with the spark plugs can result in a rough idle where the engine slips and shakes. A number of things can cause a rough idle, worn, damaged or fouled spark plugs are common causes.

Engine Surges

Engine surging is also called engine hesitation. The vehicle may jerk, slow down or start and stop. This is very dangerous in traffic. This sign is also one with a number of potential causes, and best diagnosed by a professional auto mechanic. Due to the number of potential issues, experience is a must you should require. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the professional diagnosis and the BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX that you require.

The Misfiring Engine

When an engine misfires you may notice a very brief hesitation before returning to normal. Misfiring means one or more cylinders are not properly firing. The condition can be due to faulty spark plugs, a bad spark plug wire, or the malfunction of a sensor. If it is time for an inspection, emissions may be found to be increased. You can rely on us to provide reliable BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX.

Poor Acceleration

If you are pressing the accelerator and the car does not respond, or if it is lagging behind in accelerating, you may need new spark plugs. Remember, when a spark plug fails to spark your engine is not receiving the full combustion process that powers your car. The modern engine has numerous sensors that tell the ignition system when to fire the spark plug. If your car is not accelerating normal, or running sluggish contact us to schedule  BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX. However, other issues may be at fault, such as a clogged fuel filter, dirty of clogged fuel injector, or problems with an oxygen sensor.

Decreased Gas Mileage

Worn or improperly gapped spark plugs can cause the loss of as much as 30% of your vehicle’s fuel economy due to an incomplete combustion of the fuel. Changing the spark plugs is a fairly quick fix for improving a declining gas mileage due to worn out plugs, and for improving the vehicle’s performance.

Fifth Gear Automotive can change your car’s worn spark plugs, and the need for new ones presents an opportune time for annual maintenance. In the long run, professional routine maintenance saves you money, and time.

Spark Plug Longevity

Most spark plugs just wear out due to age and use. However, there are issues with your vehicle that can reduce spark plug life. Pre-ignition from an improperly timed engine and an improper air to fuel ratio can cause damage to the spark plugs from overheating. Oil leakage can contaminate the spark plugs and is another factor that can cause damage and accelerated wear on the spark plugs. In addition, carbon buildup on the spark plug tip can also cause premature wear of the plug. This can happen due to a number of reasons. Your mechanic is the best person for determining any problems your vehicle may have, and for providing BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX.

Gapping the Plugs

While some spark plugs may claim to be pre-gapped to the manufacturer’s specification, it is always best for the gap to be checked and verified before installation. Furthermore, what is proper for one car, may not be correct for another. For example, an improper gap may be responsible for your vehicle’s rough idle, hesitation, engine misses, the failure to start and even knocking. These can also be symptoms of wear as previously noted, but improper gap is also potentially responsible. You can rely on a Fifth Gear Automotive professional to ensure the proper gap and spark plug for your car, and always an accurate diagnosis of problems the first time.

For automotive services you can rely on, exceptional customer services and the BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX you need, contact Fifth Gear Automotive. Our skilled technicians specialize in domestic, import and luxury cars, and are ASE certified mechanics ensuring you receive the best service available. Our shop features the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and repair of your vehicle. Call us today to schedule  BMW auto repair in Bartonville, TX.