Among the various luxury cars you see on the roads of Lewisville there are a few that can match the performance and style of BMW. BMW is one of the most sought-after high-end cars in the world because of its top-notch performance and advanced features.

However, the joy of riding a BMW can be short-lived if you encounter ignition coil failure. There are several ways to tackle ignition coil failure & here in this article, we will discuss the ways to address your ignition coil failure.

Identifying The Issue

One of the biggest challenges faced during dealing with ignition coil failure lies in successfully identifying the issue. The ignition coil is part of the ignition system of your high-end vehicle and most of the time issues concerning the ignition system are almost the same in nature & that is why it is difficult to identify the exact part that has failed.

Most of the time when the ignition coil fails, you are going to encounter issues with the functioning of your BMW’s engine in the form of a engine misfires which are hard to miss. Besides that, the warning indicator in the form of check engine light located on the dashboard is going to illuminate.

However, these two signs are quite common in cars and might be caused due to many other underlying problems. That is why it is important to use advanced diagnostic & scanning tools to pinpoint the problems in your BMW and make sure that it is the ignition coil that is at fault so that remedial measures can be initiated.

Inspecting The Ignition Coils

One of the most important processes in dealing with ignition coil failure in BMW is testing the ignition coils to determine if they are actually at fault. The ignition coils in your BMW play a stellar role in starting your vehicle as they help in converting the low voltage generated by the battery into high-voltage output needed by the air/fuel mixture for their ignition.

Due to the nature of the functioning of the ignition coils, they suffer a lot of wear and tear due to heat generated from the engine and the constant vibration when the vehicle is running. You need to visually inspect the ignition coil for any cracks, corrosion, and carbon buildup that adversely affects its functioning.

At times, BMW owners are also recommended to subject their ignition coils to a resistance check which is very effective in determining the bad ignition coils under the hood of your car. Now, if you find any faulty ignition coil then you must replace it accordingly to restore the performance of your BMW.

Tackling Suppressed Issues

The ignition coils in your luxury car cannot fail on their own and there are always underlying issues that cause the ignition coils to go bad. Upon inspection by a BMW specialist, it is often found that bad spark plugs are the leading causes of ignition coil failure.

In addition to that, issues with the functioning of the fuel injectors like a clogged injector will also adversely impact the operation of the ignition coil. Furthermore, vacuum leaks in your BMW can also lead to several issues including ignition coil failure.

In fact, when you are installing new ignition coils in your high-end vehicle, you must inspect these parts to make sure that they are functioning optimally. Along with looking after the ignition coils, it is also equally important to make sure that the spark plugs, fuel injector, and other ignition components are functioning without any fuss.

Use OEM Parts

Often it is seen that BMW drivers resort to after-market parts when it comes to replacing any faulty components in their vehicle. This is where they are committing a huge mistake because the reliability of after-market parts cannot be guaranteed by anyone and this holds true for all the components in your vehicle.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are completely reliable when it comes to installing them in your BMW because they are made under stringent quality guidelines and in adherence to BMW’s specifications.

Fifth Gear Automotive At Your Assistance

Fifth Gear Automotive in Argyle, TX is BMW Ignition Coil Check the go-to repair shop for BMW drivers encountering issues with the functioning of their ignition coils. Our facility is equipped with the latest tools and equipment which helps us in diagnosing even the most complex of issues with ease.

We at Fifth Gear Automotive are committed to providing the residents of Cross Roads, Lewisville, Argyle, and Mc Kinney, TX with the best of everything when it comes to looking after their European luxury cars including BMW. Call us to make an appointment and get your luxury car fixed without any hassles.