Many people will just ignore that small puddle on the garage floor or pretend that burning smell is just a sign of how fast you have been driving. Oil leaks should not be ignored as they can get on your vehicles rubber hoses and seals causing them to breakdown more quickly. Understanding the causes and the need for quick solutions can not only save you from those unsightly puddles in your garage or driveway, but possible serious engine damage.

The following are all possible signs of an oil leak:

  • Oil level on your dipstick drops-if you are part of the driving population that still checks your dipstick on a regular basis, congrats, and you should notice the difference in the level.
  • Burning oil smell after a drive-a burning smell is pretty much bad all the time and this is no different.
  • Blue smoke from the tailpipe as you drive or idle-if you have trouble seeing the car behind in your rearview mirror because of the smoke you’re putting out, you might have an oil leak.
  • Drops or puddle on the ground under the engine-It is worth noting that not all oil leaks manifest themselves in a spot on your garage floor. Rather these leaks will seep slowly down an engine picking up dirt while coating components in your engine compartment never reaching the ground, but causing the same potential serious results.

Note oil will be brown, if the liquid is red it is probably transmission fluid and if it is green or orange it is more than likely coolant.

What is causing my garage messer upper:

  • Oil Pan gasket
  • Oil Pan Drain Plug
  • Oil Filter gasket
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Timing cover seal


Fifth Gear Automotive in Lewisville, TX performs a thorough inspection of all your gaskets and seals with each visit and/or oil change to insure your vehicle is performing at its best, while keeping your garage and the environment clean. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call to schedule service with Fifth Gear Automotive for a comprehensive inspection by one of our ASE certified mechanics.

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