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Electronics play an enormous role in the proper function and the comfort of your motor vehicle. In fact, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), there is over ten times the amount of electronic equipment in modern automobiles compared to automobiles manufactured 40 years ago.

When you have a failure in the electrical system it can be extremely problematic, but the electrical specialists at Fifth Gear Automotive can track down and repair your electrical system woes. Equipped with over 100 years of combined experience and a well equipped 15 bay shop, our electrical specialists are more than capable of diagnosing and fixing electrical issues.

These electronics range from clocks, stereo systems, power windows, and locks, and built-in GPS navigation devices, to ignition coils, alternators, headlights, and the ECU. While these components are usually well protected, the stress of road vibrations, bad weather, and temperature changes can cause them to fail.

No matter what electrical system you are having trouble with; our electrical specialists will make sure that it is properly repaired ensuring maximum service life. Keep your vehicle running in top condition with electrical system repairs from Fifth Gear Automotive

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