Auto AC Repair Lewisville TX

It’s almost that time of the year again. If you’ve lived in Lewisville TX for very long, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Burning hot, sticky leather seats. Steering wheels so steamy you can’t touch them for 5 minutes while the AC is on full blast. Hoping you don’t have crayons, chapstick, or anything else that could possibly melt in your car. Yep, that’s summer in TX.

Now is the time to get your AC checked and repaired in your auto before the blistering over 100 degree summer heat. Automobiles can reach surprising temperatures of 120 or more in the afternoon sun. Air conditioning systems that work well are a must in this climate.

Here are a few signs your auto might need an AC tune-up or repair:

  1. Does your AC just not blow cool air? This is the most obvious sign your AC needs some serious repair. Lack of cool air usually means the system’s compressor has failed. It could also mean your auto’s AC system’s Freon levels are too low. When that time comes, call us for a complete auto AC unit repair and possible replacement.
  2. Are you seeing moisture? This could be a sign of leakage. This could be refrigerant leaks, which are very dangerous, or the drain tube is blocked or broken. Both of these issues need to be addressed right away as refrigerant leaks can cause serious health risks and a broken drain tube can promote mold growth.
  3. Are you smelling or hearing something out of the ordinary? Failure to get these sounds or smells checked out could result in a pricey replacement. The problems could lie in a slipped belt or burned out wire insulation. It could also be mold growing inside the unit or ductwork.

Any of these problems should be addressed right away. Call Fifth Gear Automotive and get your auto AC problems fixed before the summer heat arrives.