Headlights looking cloudy?

Over time, a car’s headlights can become cloudy and allow less light to shine through to where you need it most: onto the road. There are a couple causes of this phenomenon. 1.) The plastic of the headlight lenses slowly oxidizes from exposure to the elements. 2.) Dust and debris that physically hits your headlights as you’re driving will etch tiny pits and scratches into the plastic. The cumulative effect of both these processes is the dull, cloudy appearance you can see in the “before and after” picture above.

Headlight Restoration by Fifth Gear Automotive

We can restore your headlights from the dull, faded effects of time and bring them back to the shine and clarity off like-new condition. Our specialized, multi-step polishing and treatment process is safe and effective for all kinds of headlights and can be performed in a matter of hours. 

Give us a call today at 972-317-4005 and ask one of our friendly Service Advisers about performing a Headlight Restoration on your vehicle!