HID Headlight Replacement

How to know when your HID Headlight Bulb is going out

High-Intensity Discharge or HID Headlights are excellent for illuminating the highway at night but can give drivers a false sense of full function prior to their demise. In many cases HID Headlights will, upon startup, seem normal then change over to an amber or orange color. This is an indication that the light is going bad and needs to be replaced.

Replacing HID Bulbs

HID bulbs need to be handled with some care during installation and should be kept clean and not handled with bare fingers. Any dirt or oil can cause a hot spot and failure of the glass. Another factor is the location of the headlamp relative to other components in the engine compartment and body that may or may not require some yoga moves for the replacement to be completed. In some extreme circumstance’s removal of engine or body components may be necessary.

Fifth Gear Automotive Can Help

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