A lifetime warranty means the shop guarantees their work will be the best quality, and should anything go wrong with the parts installed, we at Fifth Gear Auto back that promise.

Benefits of a Lifetime Warranty

A warranty is similar to the idea of insurance. It’s there should you need it. Typically, a lifetime warranty is good for as long as you own the vehicle. If a problem occurs with the parts installed months or years after, you can take it back to our shop and the issue will be fixed at no cost to you.


The best time to ask about a lifetime warranty is when you get the estimate. For an additional charge, while calculating your ticket, we can guarantee that you will never have to spend what you are spending on these particular parts and labor again.

At Fifth Gear Automotive, we stand behind the work we do on your car by offering a lifetime guarantee for parts.

We guarantee* our work against materials and workmanship defects as long as you own the vehicle. Our team has years of experience and won’t let you leave the lot until your vehicle’s exterior is in tip-top shape.


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