Your car is made up of various components and systems that help in its functioning. While these components have increased with the introduction of more sophisticated technology, some classic ones continue to play a key role in the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Car brakes as well as the exhaust system are two examples of this. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your brakes and exhaust system may be due for auto repair in Lantana, TX.


In order for you to drive safely, it is important that your brakes are in perfect working condition. Some of the indicators that your braking system may be in need for servicing include:

Squealing Sounds

One of the major indicators of failing brakes is if they produce a high-pitched noise. This means that your brake pads are worn out to the point that the caliper is exposed and is grating against the rotors every time you press your foot on the braking pedal. Damaged rotors cost a lot more in repair than damaged brake pads, and you should take your car at once for auto repair in Lantana, TX, to avoid bigger problems.


It is normal to feel vibrations in your brake pedal when you press on the brake too hard. However, if you feel these vibrations even when you brake gently, it is possible there is something wrong with the rotor. Rotors tend to become worn out due to extreme stress. This is because braking hard creates an immense amount of heat, which can cause the rotors to expand. If you feel vibrations upon normal braking, make sure to bring in your car for auto repair in Lantana, TX, and get the rotors checked.

Pulling Directions

If your car ends up changing directions every time you hit on the brakes, it might be a sign of a faulty braking system. The change in direction is due to a stuck caliper, which prevents the wheel from moving on one side so that the other side changes direction instead. It’s important that you bring in your car for auto repair in Lantana, TX, if this happens as a faulty braking system is a potential threat to your safety as well as the safety of others.

Malfunctioning Brake Pedal

Besides the handbrake, the brake pedal is the only way you can control the braking system of your car (while driving). Therefore, a malfunctioning brake pedal is a serious matter and should be fixed immediately.

Brake pedals can malfunction in two ways. One, it may become too squishy so that the brakes don’t work until you press incredibly hard. If this happens it could either mean that your brake pads need to be changed or the amount of brake fluid present is too low for effective braking. The second scenario is the opposite of the first, i.e., even at the slightest touch, your car brakes too hard. This could indicate a worn out rotor, dirty brake fluid, or your brake oil getting contaminated due to moisture. Whatever the source, it is imperative that you get your car brakes checked at an auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Exhaust System

Like the braking system, the exhaust system of your car is equally important, and any damage to it can cause some serious problems. Some of the indicators for a faulty exhaust system include:

Noisy Engine

A finely tuned exhaust system is designed to work as quietly as possible. Any loud noises emitting from the exhaust system are an indicator that something is wrong. Many times, the noise may be due to a manifold gasket that has become damaged. It may also be due to a damaged muffler. The source of the noise can tell you which part needs attention. For instance, if the noise comes from the engine, it could mean the manifold gasket needs repair. If it comes from the rear end of your car, however, then it is the muffler that is damaged. Either way, you’ll need to get the exhaust system repaired by bringing it in for auto repair in Lantana, TX.

Reduced Acceleration and Power

There are many things that affect the power output and acceleration capacity of your vehicle. One of these is a malfunctioning exhaust system. The exhaust system is responsible for getting rid of the gases produced by engine. The rate at which these gases are removed determines the performance of your engine. So if the power and acceleration output of your car doesn’t feel up to mark, it is likely that the exhaust system is blocked. This would also reduce the fuel efficiency of your car as your engine needs to work harder to operate, thereby requiring more fuel. Take your car for auto repair in Lantana, TX, if you feel your exhaust system is not working properly so that you get the best output from your car.

Smell of Gas

If you start to smell gasoline while driving, it is likely that your exhaust system is working in a faulty manner. A leaking exhaust system emits the smell of gasoline. This is particularly dangerous and you must take extreme care in such a situation. Do not ignore the problem and do not light any fire in and around your car. Take your car for auto repair in Lantana, TX, as soon as you can to get the problem fixed.

Hanging Exhaust System

If you hear a scraping noise, it could be because the exhaust system is hanging underneath your car. Do not ignore this problem as it could cause more damage, and you would have to pay a lot more in repairs than you originally would have. Take your car for auto repair in Lantana, TX, at onceand get your exhaust system repaired.

Regular Car Maintenance

It is important that you take your car in for regular service at an auto repair in Lantana, TX. In case you can’t find a suitable option, we suggest that you take your vehicle to Fifth Gear Automotive.

Whether you need overall maintenance or a specific problem fixed, their team of professionals can take care of it, and you will have your car in prime condition in no time.