The latest technology, combined with exquisite luxury, amenities and German engineering define the Mercedes Benz vehicle. With the advanced technology, comes the need for a qualified auto technician equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics, computer updates, coding, programming, and Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

A qualified auto mechanic is required to maintain an up-to-date status of the latest information system and tooling. Fifth Gear Automotive technicians are ASE certified and keep up with the latest information necessary to perform a quality Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX. From simple service to complex troubleshooting and repair, you can rely on our auto technicians for quality automotive services.

As with any vehicle, your driving style, and the type of use can affect your Mercedes service and repair needs. That’s why we provide inspection and diagnostic recommendations with every service. This service establishes condition, the degree of wear and identifies any safety issues. With this information, our mechanics can provide the services required, and ensure reliable performance and the safe operation of your vehicle.

Mercedes Maintenance

The majority of automotive maintenance is recommended based on the amount of time and miles driven. However,  some maintenance is time based, as in the example of fluids, such as antifreeze and brake fluid. Major Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX isn’t often required; and the majority of repairs the Mercedes requires could potentially have been prevented with routine maintenance.

Some examples of maintenance often overlooked include the transmission, power steering, and brake fluid changes. A brake fluid flush should be provided every 3 years due to the buildup of moisture in the fluid. The moisture is a major cause of caliper and master cylinder failure. An additional fluid that is often overlooked is antifreeze, which helps to control your car’s temperature. Changing the antifreeze every two years prevents the conversion of antifreeze to acid, which can cause damage in the cooling system.

Among the most often overlooked of automotive services is changing the power steering fluid. The fluid should be inspected during each service visit to ensure it is clean. Aged and contaminated power steering fluid can cause power steering pump failure and other issues.

Manufacturers typically recommend transmission and differential fluid changes at 75,000 miles. The consequences of not providing this service can be the need for a rebuild or replacement of the transmission and/or differential. Remember, maintenance will save you money down the road. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule maintenance or Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Why Choose Fifth Gear Automotive

The use of a reliable and skilled mechanic is essential for many reasons. Vehicle reliability is an important reason, your safety, extending the service life of your car and receiving reliable Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX are others. The completion of successful automotive services begins and ends with a skilled, knowledgeable and well trained, ASE certified auto technician with exceptional expertise.

As modern automobiles gain more advanced technology, these requirements in your mechanic will grow increasingly important. For example, code scanners are widely available to the public, but do they really help in self repair? Our ASE certified technicians recognize the issues behind the codes, and only a highly trained technician fully understands how the system works, how it’s affected and what can be causing the issue behind a code. The potential causes can be numerous, but a code scanner can’t replace the technical knowledge and experience of an ASE certified mechanic. Contact our skilled professionals when you require Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

A well equipped garage will have advanced commercial grade equipment, being significantly more advanced than what is available to the public. The result is an accurate diagnosis, which prevents the guess work and its potential expense. Our mechanics understand all the potentials stemming for the test results. By testing each component potentially involved, our certified technicians are able to provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend the repair required to resolve your car’s problems. Our technicians utilize the latest technology and maintain up-to-date training in order to provide the best Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX available. Fifth Gear Automotive can set you up with a custom maintenance schedule, ensuring your vehicle continues to perform properly and run smooth.

Electric Vehicles and Hybrids

Mercedes has announced its intention to develop an electric vehicle (EV) in Affalterback. Beginning in 2018 , new models will have a plug-in hybrid variant. If you plan on purchasing a Mercedes EV or hybrid, Fifth Gear Automotive can provide battery conditioning for you.

Rather than paying to replace a costly battery that is under performing, Fifth Gear Automotive can provide battery conditioning. Battery conditioning isn’t a one time affair. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing  they can be conditioned as many times as is needed. Whether you will be purchasing an EV or hybrid Mercedes, we can help. Furthermore, we offer this service for domestic and import hybrids and EV’s. For a fraction of the cost of new, we can restore your car’s performance. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX to schedule conditioning of your automobile’s hybrid battery pack.

You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics to provide the highest quality of automotive service available. Whether you need  Mercedes auto repair in Highland Village, TX, or repair of other luxury, domestic or import vehicles’ our auto technicians will provide the high quality services and parts you deserve.