Owning a luxury vehicle is a satisfying experience. Many luxury car owners recognize that owning a special automobile, requires special care. For example, you are not going to trust just anyone to provide treatment of the leather seats. When it comes to the maintenance and repair, you want to be assured of the highest quality services available for your luxury vehicle. Fifth Gear Automotive specializes in the upkeep and repairs of luxury cars, as well as import and domestic automobiles. Our professionally trained mechanics are ASE certified, ensuring the highest quality and demonstrated practice in the automotive industry. Contact us today to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Our auto technicians take pride in providing first quality service and repairs. Our shop is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment ensuring accuracy, and the ability to test, diagnose and provide the luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.  your vehicle’s needs. Repairing the high tech vehicles of today’s new cars requires up-to-date knowledge and training, precision and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is nothing short of perfection, and you can be confident that your vehicle will be repaired correctly at Fifth Gear Automotive.


Every vehicle requires maintenance at certain mileage intervals. The frequency is designed to ensure and maximize vehicle performance and extend its lifespan. You expect the highest quality services and care for your luxury car, and Fifth Gear Automotive is dedicated to be the only center you need for your vehicle care, service, maintenance and luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Fifth Gear Automotive specializes in Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz,  Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and other fine automobiles. However, we work on all makes of cars with equal expertise. We offer a wide range of services for your vehicle. The following are a few of the most common auto repairs.


The brake system serves a critical role in maintaining your safety. Known or suspected brake problems should never be ignored, and ensuring your safety is a top priority. Signs your car’s brakes require service include squeaking and grinding noise. In addition, slow brake response or a pedal traveling closer to the floor than is usual can be a sign of imminent brake failure. Other signs to watch for include pulling to one side when brakes are applied and vibrations felt from the pedal when braking.  When you need brake repair, give us a call to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.  

Air Conditioning

The auto air conditioning system is essential for your comfort and safety. For example, not only does air conditioning maintain your comfort during summer’s heat, the compressor is also essential for defogging the windshield. The air conditioning system should be serviced annually to ensure proper performance. A well maintained air conditioning system is less likely to develop bacterial growth in the system, which causes unpleasant air conditioning odors and can affect those with allergies, asthma and other medical conditions.

In addition, refrigerant isn’t used up as oil is, and it doesn’t leak out unless there is a problem requiring AC repair. A refrigerant leak requires prompt attention to prevent further damage to the system, including potential permanent damage to the compressor.  When your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t as cool as it was, won’t cool at all, or is producing unpleasant odors, schedule a luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses are an example of routine maintenance that will be required periodically. Watch for cracking, or wear of belts, and listen for squealing. Hoses that feel unusually soft before the car heats p can indicate it’s time for replacement. It’s best to stick with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, in order to prevent breakdowns. Schedule  luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX with Fifth Gear Automotive today.

Fifth Gear expert mechanics are qualified, skilled, experienced and trained technicians who offer professional and honest service. Whether you are looking for luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX for a personal car, or a reliable garage to maintain your fleet, we can help. You can be confident that your vehicle will be in the hands of a qualified specialist without the dealer cost.

Tips to Reduce Breakdowns


Check the tire pressure and condition every two weeks. Watch for cuts or wear, and remember to check your spare.


Inspect the coolant level weekly, ensuring it’s between the minimum and maximum marking.

Engine Oil

Check the engine oil every one to two weeks, and top up if necessary. Do not overfill the engine. Stay on top of oil changes to ensure a long life for the engine.


Inspect all the exterior lights weekly. This includes brake lights, tail lights, running and parking lights and headlights on low and high beam. If your vehicle has fog or driving lights check them as well.

Power Steering

Check the power steering fluid every two weeks.


Check the brake fluid every two weeks unless you drive in heavy traffic, in which case you should check the level weekly.  Remember, your safety depends on prompt brake repair when a problem occurs in the brake system.

Window Washer Fluid

Check the window fluid each time you are under the hood and top up. The ability to wash the windshield promotes your safety.


You can’t check the transmission fluid level on all vehicles. For those you can check, the level should be checked with the engine running. This can be dangerous due to the moving parts such fans, pulleys and belts. The transmission fluid should be check at least once per month. If fluid is required, call Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Fifth Gear Automotive specializes in luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.  Our ASE certified mechanics also provide a broad range of automotive services for domestic and import vehicles. We provide all our customers with the same reliable, first quality service for which we are renowned. Give us a call for your automotive needs.