Changing a car’s engine air filter is one the most basic and inexpensive maintenance items that should be done regularly to keep an engine running like it should. A dirty or clogged air filter can result in strained engine performance and reduced fuel mileage. In most cases, changing an engine air filter is a fairly simple procedure that many people can (and often do) choose to perform themselves. Most cases, but not all… 

Enter: the Porsche Panamera.

How much labor time can you expect for a mechanic to replace the engine air filter in a Panamera? The “book time” for this job is a whopping 4 hours, which sounds unbelievable until you see just how much work is involved. To replace the air filter on a Porsche Panamera, the entire front fascia of the car – headlight assemblies, side markers, bumper cover, all of it… has to be removed in order to access the air filter housing. This is also the perfect time to inspect and clean the radiator of any exterior blockages and debris, which is included as standard any time we do one of these. Check out the photos below to see what all goes into replacing the air filter on a 2011 3.6 V6 Porsche Panamera.

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