With summer’s higher temperatures on the horizon, getting a jump on maintenance for your automobile should include radiator services. That’s because the radiator maintains a safe operating temperature for the vehicle’s engine. When a malfunction occurs, serious damage can quickly occur to the engine, and/or the radiator itself. You should never ignore a “Hot” warning, or try to remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot, to avoid serious scalding. If your vehicle is overheating contact Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX to schedule diagnosis and repair.

Take the time to be proactive with your vehicle before summer heats up, schedule maintenance and radiator services with Fifth Gear’s professional, certified mechanics in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Why a Radiator Malfunctions

The process of how a radiator functions is fairly simple. Coolant is circulated (usually water and glycols preventing freezing) through the engine block where it picks up heat. The coolant is then pumped (by the water pump) to the radiator where it passes through various tubes. The heat is transferred to the tubes, and then the fins, which disperse the heat into the air.

This alone is unable to adequately remove the heat, which is why a fan is utilized to facilitate the removal of heat from the coolant. When cooling problems occur, they can advance rapidly, so don’t delay repairs, contact our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX today to schedule service.

Common Causes of Radiator Malfunction

Radiator maintenance can prolong the components life span, but eventually the radiator will experience problems due to age. The following are a few of the common problems a radiator can experience:

  • Rust is a common cause for radiator failure. The vehicle’s engine is typically steel, and rust can form inside the engine where coolant circulates, especially if only driven short distances routinely. Furthermore, improper amounts of antifreeze can contribute to rust, as the product not only prevents freezing, but also helps to protect the engine and radiator.
  • Faulty epoxy and solders are frequent causes for radiator failure. Both the epoxy and solders can be seen, and can be repaired.
  • If the coolant cannot flow freely throughout the radiator, it will not cool the engine effectively. Mineral deposits can build up in the radiator core. When the flow of the coolant becomes restricted, the engine overheats. The only clue that this may have occurred is if the vehicle runs sluggishly, and if it is overheating.
  • There are numerous other problems that can occur with a vehicle’s cooling system, ranging from bad hoses and damaged water pumps, to electrical problems and malfunctioning thermostats that may stick in the fully closed or fully open position. Our mechanics have the skill, training and the expertise to efficiently diagnose your vehicle’s problem, and provide first quality auto repair in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX
  • A low coolant level will cause the engine to overheat. You should check your fluid levels weekly, and have the coolant changes as the manufacturer recommends. During the weekly fluid check, feel of the hoses, softening hoses and leakage are a sign they need to be replaced. Check all visible hose clamps to ensure none are loosening.

When your vehicle has cooling issues, contact Fifth Gear for diagnosis and cooling system repair in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. Prevention with maintenance is the best means of keeping your vehicle in top form, and having problems taken care of before they reach critical levels can save the cost of an engine and radiator. Remember, if your vehicle runs hot, don’t keep driving it. Get it off of the road in a safe place if possible, and shut it off. The cost of a tow truck is far less than that of an engine.

At Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX our goal is to keep your vehicle well maintained and in a safe condition. Our certified automotive technicians strive to exceed your expectations with a wide range of quality automotive services. For radiator services maintenance, repair, and installation you can rely upon, contact Fifth Gear Automotive today.