An inspection of your vehicle by a professional mechanic, and repair as required will ensure your automobile performs optimally, as efficient as possible and is safe to drive. Schedule maintenance today at Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. One component often overlooked by drivers is the belts and hoses. Over time, these components will experience wear and tear, and if not replaced periodically as required, can leave you stranded while waiting for a tow truck. Even worse, if overheating is ignored, severe damage may occur to the engine.

The large number of a car’s components performs in conjunction with others. For example, the charging system ensures the engine and other electrical components of the vehicle receive the electricity required. The alternator charges the battery providing all of the car’s electrical needs, depends upon a belt to charge.

While the number of belts will vary between vehicles, it is the belts which drive functions such as the water pump for cooling the engine, the alternator for providing all of the car’s electrical needs, and the power steering pump for ease of steering.

There are a variety of hoses, radiator hoses for cooling, vacuum hoses for carburetors, and the heating and AC system for example. Ensure the recommended schedule for the inspection and replacement of belts and hoses is followed.

Replacing the Belts and Hoses

Not all hoses will be easily accessible for inspection. These can best be inspected by a certified mechanic in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. Belts may be a series of belts or a single serpentine belt. Visibly worn areas, drying and cracking of belts, splits and damage, or wear of the edges indicate replacement is needed. Some belts require removal of covers for inspection; a timing belt is a good example. These inspections are best left to certified mechanics. Schedule service today at Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Radiator hoses can bulge or swell, become soft over time, and can dry and crack, especially at clamp locations, and may have leaks. It is also a good idea to ensure clamps haven’t loosened. Other hoses such as vacuum lines may harden, and dry, crack or split. Any of these signs will indicate it is time to replace them.

Professional Inspection

Not just any hose or belt will suffice, specific replacements are required. In many cases hoses require replacements molded to contour around other vehicle components. To ensure the correct parts are used, and a reliable installation is provided, use a certified mechanic for inspection, maintenance and repair.

For a professional inspection of your cars belts and hoses, schedule service for a full belt and hose inspection at our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. This service includes:

  • A complete inspection of all belts and hoses for signs of wear or damage
  • Replace belts and hoses as indicated by inspection
  • Adjustment of all fitted belts, hoses and related mechanisms

Fifth Gear Automotive’s certified ASE technicians utilize the latest technology in equipment, and possess the expertise to diagnose and provide reliable repair in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. To schedule an inspection of your vehicles belts and hoses or other automotive services, give us a call today.