A commonly overlooked automotive task is transmission maintenance. The transmission is a major component of an automobile, without proper function the automobile may not move, gears may grind even when the clutch is depressed, or an automatic transmission may not shift. You can avert many transmission problems with proper, and timely transmission maintenance in Fifth Gears auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Recommended Maintenance

Recommended maintenance schedules are listed in every vehicles owner’s manual, and always include the transmission. The interval varies between vehicles, and heavy use indicates an increase in the frequency of the fluid changes. Just as oil is critical to an engine’s performance and longevity, transmission fluid is essential in lubricating the component, and keeping it cool. The fluid deteriorates over time, especially with a lot of stop and go city driving, racing, and hauling heavy loads, which can result in high temperatures and fluid deterioration.

It is essential for drivers to check the transmission fluid level routinely, ensuring the proper level and lubrication. Furthermore, adhering to the recommended schedule for changing of the transmission fluid and filter is important to ensure a long lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission. It pays to know the type of fluid recommended in the owner’s manual, and ensure the proper fluid will used before leaving your car for service at any garage. You can rely upon Fifth Gear Automotive’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX to provide the professional services that you need.

In addition, some manufacturers do not recommend the use of a flushing system on their products, but simply the drain and fill practice, repeated several times to remove aged fluid. Furthermore, some manufacturers require the use of their own transmission fluid, warning damage may occur if other fluid is used.

The Details

There are a number of details that less than reputable auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX may overlook, resulting in damage to your vehicle. It pays to ask questions if your vehicle has special considerations.

Those who live in hot climates and spend half of their drive time in heavy city traffic should consider having the transmission fluid and filter changed every 15,000 miles according to a number of experts. However, follow your owner’s manual guidelines for heavy use. To ensure the proper adherence to the manufacturer’s standards, schedule your automotive maintenance and repair with Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Some modern transmissions are manufactured of aluminum, a metal softer than steel, and more vulnerable to abrasive materials. The aluminum transmission requires extra consideration in care, and it is generally recommended to leave transmission maintenance to a certified mechanic to avoid the risk of damage. Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX can provide the expert maintenance and repair that your vehicle requires.

Professional transmission maintenance includes an inspection for worn parts and contaminants, which may indicate excessive wear and tear. This inspection can provide an early warning before your vehicle’s transmission leaves you stuck in traffic. The auto technician drains the transmission fluid, replaces the filter, and adds the new fluid to the recommended level. Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX can provide the transmission maintenance that your vehicle requires.

Owner Care

Check the transmission fluid level routinely. Most, though not all – automatic transmissions have a dipstick similar to the oil dipstick. Check your owner’s manual for the procedure to check the fluid, as most cars must be running during the check. Ensure the proper gear to check the fluid level, manufacturer’s typically require park or neutral, and may state the temperature of the vehicle. Manual transmissions may have a filler plug, and the fluid level should be just below the opening.

However, some of the newer transmissions lack a dipstick, and can only be checked by a certified mechanic with the proper equipment. In addition, while fresh fluid and a filter change can facilitate proper operation of a transmission with excessively contaminated fluid and a clogged filter, it will not correct issues such as rough shifting, slipping gears, and other mechanical issues that will require replacement of components. Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX can provide the professional auto repair, and other automotive service that you need.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Repair

Some of the signs that your transmission is in need of service or repairs include:

  • If you are adding transmission fluid routinely, a leak is present.
  • Unusual transmission noise such as screeching, whistling, and buzzing can indicate internal issues.
  • Difficulty shifting
  • Dark fluid with a burnt smell can indicate problems are present, or the fluid needs to be changed.
  • Shaking of the vehicle when the automatic transmission shifts gears.

Do not delay transmission repair. The inability to shift gears can place you and your passengers in harm’s way of oncoming traffic. Furthermore, delaying repairs can result in further damage to the transmission and will increase the cost of repair.

At Fifth Gear’s auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX, our goal is to keep your vehicle well maintained and in a safe condition. Furthermore, our certified automotive technicians strive to exceed your expectations by providing the best quality automotive services available. For repair of issues related to transmission maintenance or other automotive repair, contact Fifth Gear Automotive today.