Anyone who drives a car or any type of vehicle knows how a breakdown can cause multiple inconveniences. Breakdowns can be caused a number of reasons like a flat tire, brake failure, seizure of the engine and transmission failures. Most of these are expensive propositions but transmission repairs can be both costly and time consuming. As such regular maintenance of the vehicle involving timely servicing is absolutely essential. Irrespective of the type of vehicle, it is extremely important to ensure that the transmission system remains reliable.

Essential Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of the transmission system will eliminate frequent transmission repair work. Essentially the transmission fluid must be changed at regular intervals. If the vehicle is old or is being used all the time, the frequency of fluid change should be higher and there should preferably be an auxiliary cooler. The level and condition of the transmission fluid should be checked frequently so that it can be topped up if the level falls at any time. It is also necessary to check for leaks by inspecting the ground on which the vehicle is parked overnight. The area around the radiator and the air ducts should be free of any obstructions. The belts and hoses of the vehicle should be checked. At traffic stoppages, you should shift into neutral for automatic transmissions and release the clutch in manual transmissions. In mountainous terrain, overdrive should not be used.

The above mentioned tips are necessary to avoid costly transmission repairs. However, if at any stage, you notice a problem, you should not hesitate to take the vehicle to Fifth Gear Automotive and mention transmission repair immediately because a small problem might turn into a big one if it is not attended to at the right time. Although transmission repair, whether automatic transmission repair or manual transmission repair can be expensive, it is advisable to do so in the initial stages to avoid greater expenditure in the future. Moreover, regular transmission services will go a long way in getting better mileage and performance.

Finding The Right Repair Shop

Transmission Repair is a highly specialized job in which we know all about at Fifth Gear Automotive.

It has also been seen that most transmission repair shops do not have the right expertise to do this job like Fifth Gear Automotive does.

Replacement Or Rebuilding Transmission

When your transmission seems to be failing, you could either replace it completely or repair it. In order to save money, you can get the transmission rebuilt by an expert and skilled mechanic at Fifth Gear Automotive. You can get it done at a low cost and the down time will also be short. Having Fifth Gear Automotive rebuild your transmission will ensure you end up with as good if not better.

Transmission repairs, if done on time, can save you inconveniences, down time and costly replacement.

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