Routine maintenance is important to keep your car running reliably and extend its service life. An integral part of maintenance, and one often overlooked by owners is regular fluid flushes. Fluid flushes provide for smooth operation and reduced wear on the affected components. The top fluids most often overlooked are: transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant. Fifth Gear Automotive’s certified mechanics in Lewisville, Texas offer the services you require for the proper vehicle maintenance of your automobile.

Transmission Fluid – The transmission is comprised of a number of moving gears and mechanisms and requires adequate lubrication. Over time the fluid wears out and accumulates debris. Failure to change the transmission fluid as recommended can result in wear and tear on the transmission and its related components, and transmission issues.

Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics in Lewisville, Texas can provide the transmission flush your vehicle requires, and refill it with premium transmission fluid. This will ensure your car’s transmission performs reliably for an extended amount of time by preventing damage and providing optimal lubrication.

Power Steering Flush – Over time, your power steering system’s seals, O-rings and internal components will wear out and decompose. Clean power steering fluid is essential to proper power steering function and safe driving. Our mechanics in Lewisville, Texas can flush your power steering fluid, and replace it with premium fluid for the best performance and protection of the steering system.

Radiator Coolant – Also called Antifreeze, coolant regulates the engine’s temperature. Coolant prevents the engine from freezing during the winter and keeps it cool during the heat of summer. When the fluid level becomes low, it places the engine at risk for overheating and the associated potential damage that may occur. The heat produced by the vehicle’s engine is sufficient to damage the engine itself with warped aluminum heads and blown head gaskets for example.

Whether you need a coolant flush and refill, radiator repair, hose or water pump replacement, or any other engine cooling component service, Fifth Gear Automotive’s professional mechanics has you covered.

In addition, anti-freeze contains additives to protect the radiator. Clean antifreeze fluid, changed at the recommended timeframe is a must for proper engine and radiator function. Brake Fluid Flush – The brake system is not indestructible. Parts will eventually deteriorate, requiring replacement, and some of these can cause debris in the brake fluid. A brake fluid flush is maintenance vehicle owners seldom consider. The brakes are too important to overlook, so the next time your mechanic recommends a brake flush it is a good idea to listen.

By providing the recommended periodic maintenance of your automobile, including regular fluid flushes to these often overlooked components will prevent costly repairs and ensure your car performs reliably for an extended number of years.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers experienced and ASE certified mechanics in Lewisville, Texas with the expertise to provide reliable auto repair for your vehicle. Give us a call today to schedule vehicle maintenance, service or repair.