I may or may not have used each of these as a desktop background at one time or another…

As was previously mentioned last week in our post featuring 23 Brilliant Vintage Porsche Ads, we felt there wasn’t much love for the 944 in that list. So we thought we should remedy that. Here’s a handful of cool, vintage ads we put together to redress that most egregious of oversights and register our fondness for one of our favorite Porsches: the fun, front-engined four-banger/giant-slayer that is the 944 Turbo. Click the images below to view larger versions in a new tab.


5 Cool Vintage 944 Turbo Ads


‘Let’s grab some lunch… How about Italian?’

Inspired by the hit song by Hackbraten.


From now on, anyone who asks (for the millionth time) about “how to 
turbocharge 944 n/a car” they should be referred to this picture… 

There used to be a saying that went, “If you want to go faster 
in your 944, find more corners.” Until the 944 Turbo came out.

Pictured left: Genesis – the 1981 Porsche 924 GTP Le Mans Prototype

And with that, balance is restored to the Force. Which one is your favorite?