A car engine is constructed almost entirely out of metal components. Some of these metal components require aggressive movements in order to produce enough power to move the car. If you are familiar with the properties of metal, then you would know that it can wear out easily due to rapid movements. This wear and tear of metal is caused by constant friction. So to avoid this wear and tear, we use oil as lubricant to ease the movement of metal parts. Similarly car engine also requires oil to function properly. The specially formulated engine oil lubricates the moving pistons which then produces power for the car.

Just like every other matter, engine oil also gets dirty and contaminated. So after a certain amount of time it needs to be changed to keep your car’s engine healthy. Ignoring an oil change can seriously hurt your engine which will cost you a lot of time and money in the future. So keep checking your oil regularly to make sure it is ok and change it when needed by taking your car for auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Here are some of the signs that might indicate that you car needs an oil change:

1.   Increased Engine Noise

Car engines produce noise due to powerful combustions inside. However, this noise is suppressed by adding very good exhaust systems. So whatever trimmed down noise you hear from the engine is coming out of the exhaust tail pipe. But if you start hearing strange sounds coming directly out of the engine bay then there is definitely a problem.

One of the most common causes of increased engine noise is dirty motor oil. When oil inside the engine gets contaminated, it gets rough and grainy and causes resistance to the moving parts. This resistance produces noise which is an indication to change the engine oil. So take your car for an oil change to the best auto repair in Highland Village, TX whenever you hear increased engine noise.

2.   Dark and Dirty Oil

If you have ever witnessed an oil change you would know how clean engine oil looks when new. Engine oil comes in many different colors depending on the brand you choose. Although the color of the oil changes into dark brown after just a week of use but it still remains healthy for the described period of time to change it. But it is recommended to keep checking the condition of the oil from time to time.

To check oil condition, you don’t need to take it to auto repair in Highland Village, TX. You just have to remove the dipstick from the side of the engine block and slide it between your index finger and thumb. Then feel the oil quality by rubbing it between your thumb and fingers. If it feels grainy then that’s indication of dirty oil. Also check its color. If it is so dark that the color is almost blackish then it’s time to change it.

3.   Check Engine Oil Light on Dashboard

Warning lights on the dashboard of your car are designed to warn you about a specific problem in your car. Among these warning lights there is also a ‘check engine oil’ light. It is a small symbol of an oil pitcher that lights up whenever it suspects anything regarding engine oil. So whenever this light comes on you should check the oil immediately.

If the oil quality is alright then it might be a faulty sensor. In any case it is better to take your car for auto repair in Highland Village, TX and get it checked thoroughly.

4.   Exhaust Smoke

Modern cars are equipped with excellent exhaust systems that reduce emissions efficiently. These exhausts also produce clean smoke which is mostly translucent. So if you spot a fairly visible smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe then it could mean there is an oil leak inside the engine. In case of an oil leak, the motor oil is burned in the combustion chamber along with fuel hence producing dark smoke.

So whenever you spot visible smoke coming out of your exhaust tailpipe then just check your oil level. If the oil level is low, it is a confirmation that the oil is leaking. After this diagnosis, you should take your car to a good auto repair in Highland Village, TX and get it fixed.

5.   Vibrations While Idling

Modern cars are very well put together, to the extent that you are not supposed to feel any vibrations inside it. So if you notice abnormal vibrations while idling in your car then one of the reasons for that could be old motor oil.

When engine oil gets dirty and grainy it causes high level of friction in the engine when pistons are moving. This friction ends up sending vibrations to the car’s body which you can also feel in the interior. So it is necessary to check the oil if you feel any vibration while idling and take your car for inspection to a good auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

6.   You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Changed Your Oil

If you are struggling to recall time and date of the last time your car’s oil was changed then it is definitely time to check the oil condition. Usually you should get your oil changed after driving between 3,000 to 10,000 miles (distance varies depending upon the brand of oil you use). So if it has been so long that it is hard to remember it, then you should take your car to the best auto repair in Highland Village, TX to get an oil change immediately.

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