Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics are equipped to diagnose issues with your vehicle’s  climate control system. We can provide expert auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX for both air conditioner and car heating systems.

How it Works

The automotive air conditioning (A/C) system has two sides, known as the high side and the low side. The compressor, beginning at the high side, pumps refrigerant through the system. The expansion valve, which begins at the low side, restricts the flow of refrigerant, lowering the pressure and the temperature of the refrigerant. While the heated coolant flowing through the cooling system provides the heat, the air conditioning system removes the moisture, enabling the defroster to clear the windshield of fog, and heating it to remove frost or ice.

A vehicle’s air conditioning system is one of the most commonly neglected systems in annual auto maintenance. Often, the system is ignored until a problem occurs, and the AC is blowing hot air, or the defroster does not work. Specialized equipment is required for a comprehensive check of the system. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the inspection, and the auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX you require.

Refrigerant leaks are a common problem, and if repair is delayed can result in damage to the air conditioning system, along with additional charges for auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX. When a problem occurs with your air conditioning or heating system, schedule service with Fifth Gear Automotive.

Our AC Inspection

Our comprehensive air conditioning service provides the following:

  • Test for refrigerant leaks and provide leak repair
  • Visual inspection of all components of the system
  • System charge and control test
  • Performance test

Time and wear are a common cause of deteriorating rubber seals, hoses and components such as the compressor, climate control fan, vacuum hoses, switches and more. When a leak occurs, moisture can enter the AC system, resulting in corrosion and rapid deterioration of the affected system components.  Fifth Gear Automotive professionals can identify your vehicle’s air conditioner problem, and will provide reliable  auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX.

Other common AC problems include the following:

  • Unless there is a short which continues to blow fuses, changing a bad fuse is typically a simple task. If your vehicle keeps blowing fuses schedule auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX with Fifth Gear Automotive.
  • A faulty compressor clutch is a common problem, resulting in the AC blowing warm air.
  • A failed fan blower can leave you without AC and/or a defroster. Check the fan fuse before scheduling auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX.
  • A noisy compressor may indicate excessive wear, but unusual noise can also be due to a worn belt, a loose bolt or bracket.
  • Loose of cracked vacuum hoses can prevent you from receiving the air you need. This may be especially noticeable when the engine is under a strain, such as when accelerating or driving uphill.
  • Bad odors are also a common problem. Odor is typically due to a dirty cabin air filter. A clogged AC drain can result in a moldy evaporator and a foul odor. The evaporator drain is responsible for the puddle of water underneath your car. In the summer. If you stop seeing this puddle after the car has been driven, have it checked by a mechanic. Fifth Gear Automotive can take care of it for you with auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX.

Saving money is as simple as bringing your car to Fifth Gear Automotive as soon as you notice a problem with the AC, heater or defroster. Early intervention can save you money by reducing damage within the AC system. Our mechanics will provide a comprehensive inspection and thorough testing for an accurate diagnosis and reliable repair. You can count on us for effective auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX.

If your vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t seem to be as cold as it should be, or the defroster is not performing its job, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for a comprehensive air conditioning inspection to test and identify any leaks or worn components. Our certified AC specialists are trained to diagnose and repair all makes and models.

Why You Should Not Use A DIY Recharge Kit

Air conditioning recharge kits are available almost everywhere. However, easy availability does not mean it is okay to use. The reason for this is because of moisture entering the system, and the inability to test. Remember, moisture can corrode the AC system, causing a lot of costly damage to multiple components. This occurs when refrigerant and moisture mix, creating a corrosive acid.  Recharging does not rid the system of moisture, only evacuation can do that. In addition, leak repair requires training and experience. If your car has lost refrigerant, the AC system has a leak. The leak requires repair before recharging. Otherwise, harmful refrigerant will continue to leak into the air and out of the AC system.

When your car’s climate control system has a problem, give us a call. Our certified professionals provide expert air conditioning service, and auto AC repair in Bartonville, TX. Drop by or schedule an appointment today with Fifth Gear Automotive for your automotive needs. We take pride in offering exceptional automotive services, and customer care. From our highly trained, certified and experienced automotive technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, to our friendly customer care staff, we think you will like the difference Fifth Gear Automotive offers.