If the air conditioner has gone out in your vehicle on a hot summer day, you understand how vital it is for maintaining your comfort. A common indication of the AC having a problem is air that isn’t as cold as it was, or even worse, when the AC is blowing warm air. Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified technicians’ can provide reliable auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX for your vehicle, ensuring your comfort.

Refrigerant leaks are a common cause for a lack of cold air in your car. Furthermore, you need to be aware that refrigerant isn’t used up, a low level means there is a leak. This is the reason you shouldn’t purchase refrigerant and charge the system up yourself. Charging the system doesn’t repair the leak. Without locating the leak and providing refrigerant leak repair, the vehicle’s air conditioning system is going to steadily leak refrigerant, leaving you without cold air.  Leak repair is a job best left to the professionals. You can count on our certified professionals for reliable auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX.

Schedule Repair Right Away

In addition, it will be beneficial to bring your car into Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Flower Mound, TX at the first sign of trouble with the air conditioning. That’s because if you wait to schedule repair, moisture is entering the system, and increasing damage and the cost of repair. When moisture mixes with refrigerant it creates corrosive acid, accelerating damage to the air conditioning system. Mold is also an issue once moisture sets in. Cleaning mold from the system is an additional service the AC system may require. Mold is one potential cause of unpleasant odors when you turn the AC on.

There was a time when a refrigerant leak not quickly repaired could mean replacing the   heart of the system, the air conditioning compressor. In many of today’s newer vehicles, a low-pressure safety switch shuts the compressor down when the refrigerant is low. The switch prevents damage to the compressor, but can be an indication of a refrigerant leak.

Family members with heart and respiratory conditions, certain endocrine issues, and those on specific medications often require air conditioning in the home and when on the road. A broken air conditioner can place them in a life-threatening situation, and in this situation, repair especially shouldn’t be delayed. Schedule annual maintenance or auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX today.


Experiencing unpleasant air conditioning odors when you turn on the system fan are a common complaint. The cause is typically due to a dirty automotive cabin air filter. Cabin filters in some vehicles can be difficult to get to, and a Fifth Gear ASE certified mechanic can change the cabin filter for you. Not all vehicles have a cabin filter, but those which do require periodic changing for cleaner air, and a less odor. A moldy evaporator, typically due to age or a clogged air conditioning drain, can also cause a bad odor when you use the AC. Our certified mechanics will provide the auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX you need to resolve an AC odor issue.

While it won’t help with a clogged AC drain, you can help prevent mold by turning the air conditioner off two to five minutes before arriving at your destination.

Compressor Noise

Noise when the air conditioner is turned on can be due to a loose bracket or other items. However, it often means the compressor is worn and going out. Schedule an inspection and auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX with Fifth Gear Automotive now and avoid being caught without cold, conditioned air.

Engine Overheating

An overheated engine can also cause the AC system to shut down. If the temperature indicates overheating, and the air conditioner stops cooling, it may be due to a safety switch. Our skilled mechanics can provide the automotive repairs you require.

Check the Fuse

Check for a blown fuse serving the air conditioning system. While it seldom occurs, it’s a possible cause for an inoperable AC and changing a fuse is a quick fix. However, if the fuse immediately blows, your vehicle may have an electrical issue requiring repair. Bring your vehicle in to Fifth Gear Automotive to receive expert diagnostics, and auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX.

Radiator, Bugs and the Condenser

Your radiator isn’t the only component that can be impaired by bugs, the air conditioning condenser can also suffer. The condenser on your car requires specialized care when cleaning, just as the condenser on your home’s air conditioning system does. Treat it badly, and the fins can be damaged to the point of reduced function. If you can access it, never use more pressure than a gentle spray from the hose pipe. High pressure can damage the fins, and impair function or even cause damage requiring replacement. Our auto technicians can provide a thorough condenser cleaning, helping to ensure the AC’s proper performance. Call today to schedule AC maintenance and auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX with Fifth Gear Automotive.

If your vehicle’s air conditioner doesn’t seem to be as cold as it is normally, bring your car by Fifth Gear Automotive for a comprehensive air conditioning inspection. Our certified technicians have the expertise to provide reliable auto AC repair in Flower Mound, TX. Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified technicians offer quality automotive repair, reliable maintenance, and installation you can count on.  and customer care designed to benefit you, schedule service with Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Flower Mound, TX.