You expect your vehicle is riding rough, you may want to consider auto suspension problems with your car. If you notice bumping, vibration, rumbling, wobbling or excessive rough riding, your vehicle may be indicating trouble. Several problems could be the cause, and in the following we will discuss some of the most common. Fifth Gear Automotive certified mechanics can identify the problem, and provide the repair in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.



Check the tires on your automobile first, as they are a common cause for a rough ride. Tires with an improper air pressure, in need of balancing and worn tires in need of replacement are a few reasons to check the tires. If you notice uneven wear on the tires, improper air pressure and the need for wheel alignment are likely causes. The need for having a tire balanced or even the need for new tires are a pretty simple fix compared to other potential causes of a rough ride. Schedule your wheel alignment and annual service with Fifth Gear Automotive today, in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Remember, if your automobile has experienced an impact from road hazards, hitting a curb, or a collision with another vehicle, schedule an inspection and wheel alignment in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX. A periodic wheel alignment will reduce tire wear, increase gas mileage, and improve the handling of the vehicle.

Suspension Troubles

The suspension system is designed to keep your tires on the road for maximum traction and a comfortable ride. Trouble in the suspension system will be felt, usually when the wear is advanced. Some of the signs of suspension issues include the vehicle leaning to one side, unusually hard jarring when you hit a pot hole, bouncing, especially when you brake, vibration in the steering wheel and even difficulty steering. Any of these can affect your control over the vehicle and require prompt repair. Call Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule a repair in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Brake Troubles

Brake problems should never be ignored. The consequences of ignoring them are an accident with injury or worse. If your brakes seem less responsive than usual, check the brake fluid. If you are adding brake fluid, it is probably time to schedule a brake repair. Brake noise can also indicate the same need. Many brakes are designed to make noise when it’s time for replacement. Never drive a vehicle with failing brakes, if the brake pedal goes to the floor or even close to it when you brake, pull over and call for a tow. Fluid isn’t lost unless there is a problem. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule brake repair in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Pulling to one side usually indicates a tire problem or poor wheel alignment, but it can also be due to an issue with the brake caliper. A locked-up caliper can lead to extreme temperatures with wheel and tire damage. Vibration in the steering wheel may indicate a warped brake rotor.

Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can cause noise, jerking, lurching and a thoroughly miserably rough ride. Transmission problems are also one that you do not want to overlook. The longer you wait to schedule a repair, the more it will cost to provide repair. Check the fluid, and schedule service today in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Worn Shocks or Struts

If your automobile feels like a bucking bronco when you cross a bump, and generally keeps on bouncing up and down for longer than it should, you may need shock or strut replacement. This is also a repair you do not want to delay, as all the bouncing will accelerate the wear on components, such as ball joints and tie rod ends. Another possibility is a broken leaf spring. Our certified mechanics can diagnose the cause and provide a reliable repair in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Other Signs

Other signs of a problem with the suspension or other integrated components include drifting or pulling and difficulty holding the car in the road; dips and nose dives with braking; grease or oil on shocks or struts; difficulty steering due to “looseness”, excessive vibration and general difficulty to control can indicate worn tie rods or ball joints, for example.


Suspension problems are not something to ignore. If all four tires are not on the ground traction and control is lost, posing hazardous driving. Furthermore, worn out components may cause you to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in an accident. Age, wear and tear are common culprits, but one cause is an issue you can prevent. Proper tire pressure and maintaining wheel alignment reduces wear and tear on the vehicle’s suspension components. Annual inspection and maintenance goes a long way in extending how long your car’s suspension will last.  Furthermore, providing a vehicle safe to drive relies on preventive care and annual maintenance of the vehicle. Schedule an annual service visit for your vehicle in Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers certified ASE technicians with the highest rated expertise, providing reliable services and a high customer satisfaction rating.  We provide the latest technology available, ensuring our ability to provide accurate, efficient repair and diagnostics for your vehicle, including the diagnosis and repair of auto suspension problems. When you want automotive repair, maintenance, and installation you can rely on, and customer care designed to benefit you, schedule service with Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.