A functional air conditioner in your vehicle is necessary for maintaining your comfort when you’re on the road. Fifth Gear Automotive  ASE certified auto technicians will ensure your comfort by providing AC maintenance and auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.  From advanced diagnostics to complete replacement, our certified mechanics use the latest state of the art computer diagnostics to detect air conditioning problems, and to provide reliable auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

The best way to prevent AC problems is to schedule an annual air conditioning system check. Ensuring your vehicle’s AC is performing as it should, can also reveal weakening and failing components. Repair early on can prevent costlier repairs on down the line.   

Signs the Auto AC Should be Checked

  • The AC doesn’t seem to be providing air as cool as normal
  • The AC is blowing warm air
  • Loud noises are audible when the air conditioner is running
  • Unusual odors occur when the AC is in use

Our annual AC inspection and auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX includes the following:

  • A comprehensive inspection and testing of the air conditioning system for effectiveness and weakening components, with repair as required
  • Inspecting for refrigerant leaks
  • Restoring the correct amount of refrigerant and lubrication levels when required

It’s best to schedule an AC checkup before summer arrives. However, if your schedule keeps you busy, and the air conditioner isn’t providing the cold air if normally does, contact our automotive technicians today to schedule an auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

There are a number of problems that can cause your vehicle’s air conditioner to stop providing the cold air you rely on. For example, a refrigerant leak is a common problem behind a lack of cold air. Our technicians can identify and provide the necessary auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX that you need. If a leak is at fault, the leak will be repaired, and the technician will provide a second inspection and testing of the auto AC system to ensure the leak is sealed and the system performs properly.

While some vehicles have a safety mechanism in place that won’t allow the AC that is low on refrigerant to operate, others don’t. Those lacking this safety mechanism can experience costly damage.

Age and wear of components in the air conditioner are the primary causes of failure. As they age,  rubber seals and hoses will deteriorate, eventually resulting in a refrigerant leak. Once a leak occurs, moisture can enter the AC system, creating a corrosive acid which causes damage to the components. Prompt repair can prevent damage from occurring.  Contact Fifth Gear to schedule an auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

Additional AC Issues

Age and wear are the primary cause of failure among the numerous components of the automotive AC system. Over time, rubber seals and hoses are likely candidates when a refrigerant leak occurs. Once a leak happens, the likelihood of moisture entering the AC system is high. Moisture and refrigerant create a corrosive acid when mixed, accelerating damage to the air conditioning system. This is the reason why prompt AC service can save you money, by preventing further damage. You can rely on our certified professionals for an accurate diagnosis and reliable auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX. Additional problems common in the auto AC system, include:

  • Replacing blown fuses may provide a solution for a lack of cooling. However, if  underlying electrical problems are the cause of a blown fuse, replacement will result in the new fuses also blowing.  If the fuse continues to blow,  contact us to schedule an auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • A faulty and/or worn compressor clutch can cause a lack of cooling.
  • The compressor will eventually wear out, and will require replacement. The compressor pumps pressurized refrigerant through the system, producing the cold air that keeps you comfortable. Refrigerant contains the oil, which lubricates the compressor and a leak can quickly cause compressor failure.  Schedule auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX for repair you can rely on.
  • The expansion valve can clog, preventing refrigerant from reaching the evaporator. Fifth Gear ASE certified mechanics can provide the auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX that you need.
  • Even when the auto AC is working properly, if the blower fan  fails, cold air will be unable to reach you. Check the fan fuse first, or our auto technicians can do it for you when we provide auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.
  • When turning on the AC elicits stale or musty air conditioning odors, it may be time to change the  automotive cabin air filter. While this is the most likely cause,  evaporator mold or bacteria are also possible. A clogged air conditioning drain can lead to the condition. You have probably noticed water beneath the vehicle after using the air conditioner. This is normal, coming from the AC drain due to the normal air conditioning process. If the drain becomes clogged, the water  is unable to drain, and can result in evaporator mold, and a bad odor. Fifth Gear can provide the auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX required to clear the drain.  

In addition, mold can grow on the evaporator coil, due to moisture.  Turn the air conditioner off two to five minutes before shutting off your car to help prevent it.   

  • Compressor noise often indicates wear and the impending failure of the compressor. However, locating the source of the noise may reveal a simple fix, such as tightening a loose bracket that may not even be a part of the AC system.

Remember, repair provided early on can prevent additional damage to your air conditioning system. Air that isn’t as cold as it was is often one of the first signs of a problem. Fifth Gear Automotive technicians will provide a comprehensive  inspection to identify the cause of your air conditioning issue. Our ASE certified technicians have the expertise to provide reliable auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX, regardless of the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Fifth Gear Automotive provides auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX, and other automotive services that you require. Drop by or schedule an appointment today for your automotive needs. When you want services you can rely on, bring your vehicle in to Fifth Gear Automotive. In addition, our mechanics have the expertise to provide services to domestic, import and luxury cars. Our skilled and certified technicians specialize in BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW Audi, Landrover and other fine automobiles.  Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today for service you can trust.