Your automobile is comprised of a large number of components, and many of them are interrelated in the performance, safety and function of the vehicle. While it requires the whole to provide these and transportation, some components are especially essential in ensuring your safety. Maintenance is also important for your safety, and the vehicle’s reliability. If any systems should be a priority in terms of your safety, most people would agree it’s the brakes, followed closely by the steering, and the suspension. Not only do your brakes provide routine controlled stops, you also rely on them when the unexpected occurs, such as the driver who pulls out in front of you, or cuts you off. Providing your car with an annual checkup in Fifth Gear auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX will help to ensure your vehicle is in top shape, including your brakes. The following signs of brake problems indicate the need to schedule prompt brake repair. Our ASE certified technicians provide the expertise you can rely on.

Soft Brake Pedal

A “soft” brake pedal, and one that travels closer to the floor than is usual, can indicate one of a few problems, any of which can result in an accident. Causes include worn brake pads in need of replacement, a brake fluid leak or air in the brake lines. When you notice any of these, schedule brake service in Fifth Gear auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Squealing, Squeaking or Grinding

Squealing, squeaking or grinding brakes often means the brake pads are worn and require replacement. A grinding or metal on metal noise typically indicates the remnants of the pad are rubbing against the rotor to cause damage. Prompt brake service can save you money by preventing damage to rotors. Our ASE certified mechanics can take care of it for you, in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Pulling to One Side When Braking

If your car is pulling to the right or left when you apply the brakes, schedule brake service now. Uneven brake pad wear, a frozen-up caliper or a faulty wheel cylinder may be the cause. Schedule service today in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

Feeling a vibration when you engage the brake pedal may indicate warped rotors. When you step on the brakes, the pads engage with the rotor, slowing the vehicle to a stop. Warped rotors provide less surface for the pads to engage, weakening brake performance, and creating a vibration.   

Brake Fluid Leak

Low levels of brake fluid in the master cylinder, and especially if you notice brake fluid on a tire or collecting near it indicate a brake fluid leak. Leaking brake fluid will eave you without brakes, and you shouldn’t drive your car. Be safe and call for a tow to the garage.

Power Steering

Power steering makes turning at slow speeds easy, an admirable accomplishment if you have ever driven a vehicle with standard steering. However, when power steering experiences an issue and goes out, steering is even more difficult than standard steering.  The following are indicators of power steering issues, and warrant a trip to the garage for repair.


A whining noise, or squealing when you turn the steering wheel may indicate low power steering fluid. Check the reservoir and if ample fluid is present, the power steering pump may have failed. Squeals can also indicate a loose and/or worn belt. Bring your car in to our

Difficulty Turning

Low fluid can also cause steering to require monumental effort. A low fluid level indicates there is a leak in the system. Schedule service in Fifth Gear auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX. However, difficulty steering can also be due to a severe alignment issue, or low tire pressure. Our professional mechanics can identify the problem and provide the necessary power steering repair in Highland Village, TX.


A vehicle’s suspension is designed to keep all four tires on the ground, providing the maximum braking ability. The suspension also assists in preventing a roll over and spin outs when cornering. If you experience any of the following, bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX for inspection and repair.


Push down on the hood and/or trunk , to start it bouncing. The bouncing should stop within 3 or 4 times. If it continues, there is a problem with the suspension requiring repair.


If your vehicle feels as though it’s going to roll over or spin out when going around a sharp curve, or turning, bring it to Fifth Gears auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX for a suspension inspection and repair.

One Sided Sagging

Your car sagging to one side without a flat tire,  indicates a suspension problem, such as a broken strut, for example. This issue causes control of the vehicle to be difficult, and can cause rapid wear of the tire on the affected corner.

Vibration in the Steering Wheel

Extreme vibration and difficulty steering may be due to suspension issues. Failed components can loosen and give way, resulting in a wheel falling off. If this occurs while driving in traffic, an accident can result. Don’t ignore it, schedule service in Fifth Gear auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.


Suspension alignment ensures both the tires and the suspension last longer. Being out-of-line will increase stress and therefore wear on the suspension components. Signs you may need an alignment include uneven tread wear on the tires. Hitting potholes and curbs can cause the need for alignment. During alignment, the components of the suspension are examined. The computerized equipment registers any abnormalities, even those not visible to the naked eye. This is the reason it’s best to schedule alignment with new tire installation. If any problems are developing in the suspension, the computer will pick up on it, and the technician can diagnose it based on the readings.

You can rely on Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified technicians for quality automotive repair, maintenance, and installation. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule  automotive repair service in our auto repair shops in Highland Village, TX.