An automotive refrigerant leak is a common cause of air conditioner failure. While it is common, you should not ignore a potential leak, or let it go too long before auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX is provided. Once a leak is in progress, or has already leaked the refrigerant out of the system, damage is likely to occur in multiple components, including the evaporator and the compressor. The accumulator, dryer and receiver help to remove moisture from the system. Once a leak occurs, and moisture enters the system, these components can become ineffective, or even mold. In fact, damage is typically related to the moisture, which is likely to enter a leaking AC system. When moisture is combined with refrigerant, corrosive acid forms, accelerating damage to components of the AC system. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive at the first sign of trouble to schedule an auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

Why the Defroster Fails

If you have noticed your defroster is not removing clearing the windshield, you may have an AC problem. The air conditioning compressor removes moisture from the air, and when not functioning, the defroster will fail to clear the windshield. Additional components that provide assistance for the defrost function include the blower fan, heater coil, switches, vacuum lines and others. Furthermore, a problem with any of them can affect all environmental controls from heat, to the AC and to the defroster.

Blown fuses are also a common cause of AC and/or defroster failure. Changing a blown fuse is a simple fix for the problem, but if fuses continue to blow it is likely an electrical problem is present. Fuses which continue to blow should be checked out by a qualified mechanic. It is important to understand an electrical issue may be dangerous, and is best repaired promptly. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule professional service for auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

Unpleasant odors when you turn the fan on is a common complaint, and is often due to a dirty automotive cabin air filter. Changing the filter may involve some disassembly in order to remove the old and replace with a new filter. Fifth Gear Automotive will be glad to provide the service for you. Some vehicles will have more than one cabin filter.

While it is not as likely, odors may be due to mold or bacteria on the evaporator coil or other areas the AC system. It is often caused by a clogged air conditioner drain. The air conditioner discharges the condensation it removes from the cabin air through the drain. This is the water you see on the pavement underneath your car after using the air conditioner. It can become clogged, and lead to mold, mildew, odor and other problems. Fifth Gear Automotive can take care of the problem for you, from unstopping the drain to cleaning the system of mold or other contaminants, with auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

Compressor Noise

Compressor noise may or may not mean it is on the verge of failing. It is possible a bracket is loose or the noise is due to other causes under the hood. However, when the noise is the compressor, it is usually a sign of excessive wear and the need for replacement. Age is a common cause, although an untreated refrigerant leak can lead to compressor failure. Leaks can occur not only in a worn compressor, but also in worn AC hoses and/or seals. Refrigerant is not used up as oil can be, if it is low in your vehicle, you have a leak. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the replacement of a worn compressor with auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.

Our AC Services

When you bring your vehicle in for auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX, our highly trained technicians will inspect and test the air conditioning system and can provide the required repair. Our comprehensive AC service includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of all air conditioning components
  • Provides the system charge and control test
  • Performs an AC performance test
  • Performs a comprehensive leak detection test with the latest state of the art equipment
  • The professional repair of refrigerant leaks. When air has entered the system, the evacuation of moisture is required. Once complete the system can be recharged with the correct type and amount of refrigerant

Retrofitting With R-134-A

If you drive a classic vehicle, it may use ‘Freon’, which is also called R-12. Freon is no longer manufactured due to environmental concerns, and was commonly used in cars manufactured before 1993. As existing supplies dwindle, the price can only continue to rise Those with older vehicles have the option of professional retrofitting of the AC system for use with the approved R-134a refrigerant. Rather than charging the AC system with costly R-12, it makes sense to convert the system to the approved and far less costly R-134a refrigerant. We can provide the service for you, and provide any auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX that you require.

Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics will inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning system, provide any needed repairs, and ensure its proper function in all modes of operation. Our technicians service and repair all brands of vehicles, domestic, imports and luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche, Volvo, VW and other fine European automobiles. Schedule an appointment, or bring your car by Fifth Gear Automotive for dependable auto AC repair in Highland Village, TX.