Alternative Refrigerants 

With R-12 production stopped, and the
current supply being gradually depleted, the price of R-12 refrigerant
continues to rise. If you’re considering converting an older vehicle’s AC
system to 134a, our certified mechanics’ at Fifth Gear Automotive can provide
the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX
that you need.

There is no drop-in replacement for R-12.
The reason is due to the Federal law that prohibits topping off air conditioning systems with any
refrigerant chemically different from the existing refrigerant in the system. The
law requires the entire existing refrigerant to be properly removed, before converting
the system to an alternative refrigerant. However, approved refrigerants are
required to meet the EPA’s criteria for environmental acceptability and usage.

A number of alternative refrigerants are available for retrofitting older R-12
air conditioning systems, and only R-134a has the approval by all vehicle

In addition, never substitute any
alternative refrigerant in a vehicle with an R-134a air conditioning system,
which includes the majority of 1995 and newer vehicles. Furthermore, using
alternative refrigerants in systems manufactured for R-134a is illegal, and can
result in cooling issues and/or compressor failure.

Currently, systems utilizing R-1234yf refrigerant
have become available. As with 134a systems, it is illegal to substitute an
alternative refrigerant in these systems, and can result in cooling problems and/or
compressor failure.

If you don’t know what type of
refrigerant the vehicle’s AC system utilizes, bring it to Fifth Gear
Automotive. Our certified mechanics can identify and install the proper refrigerant
with auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

the R-12 System

recommend the
R-12 in all R-12 systems as long as it is
available. R-12 provides the best cooling performance in AC systems designed
for it. Retrofitting for an alternative refrigerant isn’t required as long as
the system is providing normal cooling. However, if the air conditioning system
requires major repairs such as a new compressor, it is better convert the
system to 134a. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics can provide the auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX your
vehicle needs.

For the greater majority of vehicles,
retrofitting the AC system from an older R-12 system to R-134a doesn’t require extensive

The R-1234yf System

An environmentally friendly refrigerant has been developed to replace R-134a.
The refrigerant is R-1234yf, also called HFO-1234yf. R-1234yf has thermal
characteristics similar to R-134a, and requires only minor modifications to the
A/C system when converting. R-1234yf has a low global warming potential of only
4, compared to 1200 for R-134a. Conveniently, existing refrigerant leak
detectors can detect R-1234yf.

R-1234yf is currently a costly product, although the prices are expected to
come down as production meets the growing demand. Eventually, the public will be
allowed to purchase small cans of R-1234yf to recharge their auto air conditioning system. Unfortunately,
at this time, those with newer cars using R-1234yf must rely on a garage for
recharging and repair.

If the vehicle’s air conditioner is in need of repair, contact us to
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