As a hybrid vehicle owner, when facing a hybrid battery pack replacement, you should know you have a less
costly alternative.
, also referred to as
reconditioning, is an innovative process capable of restoring a battery’s
original performance and economy up to 95% of what it was when new, all at a
fraction of the cost of a replacement. Fifth Gear Automotive
 auto repair shops in
Lewisville, TX
employs mechanics trained and certified in hybrid vehicle battery conditioning and other


The average cost for a new replacement battery from a dealer can be an
astronomical $4,500; instead, hybrid owners can save thousands of dollars by conditioning
the battery pack. Furthermore, they can be conditioned as many times as needed,
providing the potential for hybrid batteries to outlast the cars themselves.

Signs a Battery Pack Needs Conditioning

If your hybrid is experiencing any of
the following signs, the vehicle can benefit from battery conditioning:

•          Low
power and difficulty accelerating and getting over hills

•          Reduced

•          Rapid
loss of battery power

•          Limited

•          Poor
gas mileage

•          Heavy
reliance on the gasoline engine

The hybrid’s service light generally
isn’t triggered when an underperforming battery occurs, and your awareness
provides the alert for the need of battery

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

By factory design, the hybrid service light generally isn’t triggered by an underperforming battery. In fact, it typically doesn’t come on until the battery reaches a state of total failure and your awareness of the above symptoms provides the only warning for the need of battery conditioning.

Identifying battery pack problems before
the MIL is triggered increases the chances the battery can be conditioned,
rather than need a costly replacement. Don’t delay diagnosis, contact
our auto repair shop in Lewisville, TX today.

The Conditioning Process

Hybrid batteries consist of a number of modules, and any one or more of the modules may
experience a problem. Specialized equipment connects to the battery providing
the *Power Test* and the *Energy Test* in Fifth Gear’s
 auto repair shop. The information obtained is
analyzed and a diagnosis provided by a certified Fifth Gear expert.


The Power Test

The Power Test analyzes the battery pack’s health and its power capability. The data is then analyzed and diagnostics provided.

The Energy Test

An Energy test determines the capacity of each module within the pack by placing them under a controlled load. When the test concludes the information is then analyzed and can identify weak cells, how much torque the electric propulsion system can produce, how long the vehicle can operate in electric mode only, and other factors. Energy capacity directly affects the vehicle’s fuel economy and acceleration performance.

Poor performance and fuel economy in a hybrid vehicle is a warning that there may be problem with the battery pack. It’s essential to schedule
 battery conditioning when these signs occur, prior to the occurrence of an MIL warning. Waiting until you receive an MIL warning may be too late to condition the existing battery pack. Furthermore, with summer approaching, an underperforming battery can struggle with the use of the vehicles AC. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule the conditioning of your vehicle’s hybrid battery pack. Our certified mechanics strive to ensure your satisfaction, and provide the highest quality of service available.