Engine Combustion and Exhaust Systems

The engine in your
vehicle operates by internal combustion, from which the engine obtains its
power. A problem with any single component in the system from the engine to the
exhaust can result in poor performance or even damage to the engine. Fifth Gear
Automotive certified mechanics can
provide the reliable auto exhaust repair
and other automotive services you
need in our auto repair shops in
Lewisville, TX


How it Works

It begins with
fuel from the gas tank being delivered into the cylinders where it’s mixed with
air drawn through the air filter. The spark plug produces a spark from the
electrical system which ignites the fuel-air mixture, producing a small,
controlled explosion. The explosion forces the piston located in the cylinder
up which drives the crankshaft. The residue of the fuel-air mixture and
explosion exits through the exhaust system. The exhaust system includes the
exhaust manifold, catalytic convertor, muffler, and the tail pipe. This process
is repeated thousands of times a minute when the engine runs.

Signs the Exhaust System Needs Repair

The following are signs your vehicle’s
exhaust system may need repair in our
auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX :

·      When the sound of the engine is loud, often
sounding like a motorcycle or riding mower, it’s an indication the vehicle
needs a new muffler. Depending on the size and type of engine, other sounds the
car may make include a low rumble, or buzzing sound. Generally, whatever the
sound, it’s louder.  Repair shouldn’t be
delayed because the worn muffler may fall from the car and take with it
components such as the tail pipe or a costly catalytic converter.

·      A noticeable rattle at traffic lights or stop
signs may simply indicate a loose mount, but it may also indicate a worn

·      From a personal safety viewpoint, if you or your
passengers become sleepy while traveling in the vehicle roll the windows down
and proceed immediately to our auto repair
shops in Lewisville, TX
for exhaust
You may be sleepy due the faulty exhaust system spilling toxic
gases into the passenger compartment.

·      Overheating can be due to several issues,
including a collapsed catalytic converter. Never drive an overheated vehicle to
avoid damage to the engine. If the car overheats and dies, this may be a sign
of a collapsed catalytic converter. Don’t risk costly engine damage; have it
towed to Fifth Gear auto repair shops in
Lewisville, TX
for proper identification and repair of the problem.

·      The presence of a new engine vibration or loss
of power can potentially be due to an exhaust system problem.  An exhaust issue may cause the engine to work
harder, and the stress on the engine may cause vibrations so intense they can
be felt.

·      If the vehicle is using more fuel than is
normal, there are numerous potential causes, including exhaust system problems.  Increased
fuel use is a sign something is wrong.

Exhaust Pipe Repair

A loud exhaust system or excessive
overheating may also indicate damage to the exhaust pipe. Exhaust pipes can
separate, or develop cracks or holes. Overheating when not due to other causes is
more indicative of pinched pipe that isn’t allowing adequate passage of heat
and exhaust. The deep pot hole you hit that had a metallic sound to it may have
been the culprit. Our certified
can take care of the problem for you in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX with an expert exhaust pipe repair.

Catalytic Converter

catalytic converter is a costly component of the exhaust system to replace. It’s
also one of the most important components from the viewpoint of both your
safety and the condition of the engine. A worn catalytic converter can collapse,
causing engine damage and potentially the release of toxic gases into the
passenger compartment.

It’s not
uncommon to discover a problem with the catalytic converter when you take the
vehicle in for routine emissions test during the inspection. As the catalytic
converter is responsible for breaking down toxic gases from the engine, this
component will require replacement if the
vehicle is to meet state regulations. Fifth Gear certified mechanics have the
expertise to provide the expert and reliable repair you need in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

What it Does

Exhaust gases are a toxic mix of
nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon. The catalytic convertor
reduces the pollutants into less harmful nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water,
reducing the amount of emissions into the air. The catalytic converter uses
chemical reactions to reduce the toxic pollutants through the use of metal
planes constructed of metals such as platinum, rhodium or palladium. 

Signs of a faulty catalytic converter
include a loss of engine power, a sulfur odor in the passenger compartment and
a noticeably hot car floor. A failed, failing or damaged converter can only be
replaced.  In addition, it should be
noted that catalytic converters contain precious metals, and are frequently a
target of thieves.

Exhaust System Repairs

Other common
auto exhaust repair services include
the replacement of an oxygen sensor and cracked
exhaust manifold
, which can be due to an overheated and collapsed catalytic
converter. A faulty oxygen sensor
will reduce gas mileage, and is a fairly inexpensive repair to complete. A
cracked exhaust manifold will increase temperatures in the engine and may lead
to serious damage to internal components over time. Schedule repair today in
Fifth Gear auto repair shops in
Lewisville, TX
with our certified