Foggy windshields are both aggravating
and a real safety hazard with impaired visibility. Add rainy conditions to
foggy windows and the situation is compounded. However, when an oily film
coating the windshields that results in a haze when you attempt to clean it, it
may be a sign of a leaking heater core. When consistent fog is the only problem,
you may have a problem with the air conditioning system, requiring auto AC
repair in Lewisville, TX
. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule service
with our expert, certified mechanics.

An additional sign of a leaking heater
core is the smell of antifreeze.  The
oily residue of the coolant leak can end up on the windshields interior,
leading to an oily haze that is difficult to remove even when you clean the

Depending on how bad the leak is, you may
repeatedly experience a low antifreeze level. However, a slight leak may take
some time to show up as a low level in the radiator. Typically, the heater core
will be located on the front passenger side of the vehicle. If you suspect a
leak, feel the carpet for dampness, and if possible pull the carpet back to
inspect for signs of a leak. Alternately, lay a white towel on the carpet and
up against the back. You can use double sided tape to hold it in place if
necessary. An antifreeze leak will show on the towel by staining it.

Of course, when the humidity is high,
fogging is most likely to occur, and it is naturally higher after a rain. A
functional auto air conditioner will remove a significant portion of the
moisture from the air, draining the moisture out of the evaporator drain
beneath the vehicle.

However, a stopped up evaporator drain
may leak into the passenger compartment as well, and will not stain the carpet
or towel. The best means of checking for a clogged drain is to routinely
monitor underneath the vehicle for water after the AC has been running. If no
water is present, it is likely the evaporator drain is clogged, requiring
auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. A clogged drain
may cause wet carpet, and prevent the air conditioning system from removing
moisture from the vehicle’s interior.

In addition, other air conditioning issues can mean the AC is
working inefficiently, or even not at all. Without a properly functioning AC,
the defroster will not remove excessive moisture effectively, resulting in a foggy
. Low refrigerant and other issues will affect the performance of
the AC. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics today for reliable
auto AC
repair in Lewisville, TX

Refrigerant leaks are a common cause for
a lack of cold air, and inefficient defrosting. Left untreated, the leaks may
result in mold contamination of the AC system, and a failed compressor. If the
AC in your vehicle doesn’t seem as cold as it once was, you may have a
refrigerant leak. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule an
auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

Adding refrigerant yourself may cause
additional problems, and potentially damage to the AC system. When a leak
occurs, mold causing moisture and air can enter the system, requiring not only
leak repair, but also the evacuation of the system before adding refrigerant.
It is best to leave leak repair and recharging to a professional mechanic,
rather than risk the need for extensive
auto AC repair in
Lewisville, TX,
or even the replacement of the AC system.

The air
system requires a full charge in order to function properly.
Setting the controls to maximum or at the recirculate position, enables the properly
functioning AC to remove moisture from the air.

In addition, for
vehicles equipped with a cabin air filter, periodically inspect it. Ensuring
the filter is clean prevents a restriction in airflow, and prevents stale odors
inside the vehicle. Not sure where your car’s air filter is located, or even if
it has one? Fifth Gear Automotive
certified mechanics can check it for

Waiting to provide AC repair
can result in damage to additional air conditioning components. Fifth Gear
Automotive expert mechanics provides reliable auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX. Our certified mechanics offer the professional
expertise you can rely on for automotive repair and maintenance.