Shock and Strut Warning Signs  

time, shocks and struts wear out, and failure can be dangerous to you and your
passengers. When worn shocks and struts are replaced with
new, your vehicle can stop up 10 feet sooner. Replacing worn shocks or
increase vehicle stability and provides better driver control for
increased braking and safety contact Fifth Gear Automotive certified mechanics
today to schedule shock and strut replacement in our auto repair
shops in Lewisville, TX

Unfortunately, most drivers
don’t notice the signs because it happens gradually over time. The warning
signs of worn shocks and struts include:

Excessive Bouncing

Any car will bounce when driving over a
bump. Shock absorbers or struts prevent the vehicle from continuing to bounce.
Driving over a bump or rough road resulting in prolonged bounce indicates the
need for shock or strut replacement. Fifth Gear mechanics can provide the
inspection and replacement you require in our
auto repair shops in Lewisville,

Reduced Stability

Shocks and struts maintain stability and driver control of
the vehicle. If hard braking causes the front end of the vehicle to dive for
the road, it’s an indication that the shocks and struts are in need of
replacement. On the other hand, if the vehicle squats when you accelerate, or
leans drastically to one side when making a turn, it’s further indication of
the shocks or struts being in need of replacement. Our mechanics can provide an
inspection of your suspension, and the necessary automotive repairs in
our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Tire Wear

When the struts or shocks on a vehicle are bad, the tires
literally bounce up and down during driving. This causes rubber to be scraped
off the tires, and is commonly termed cupping. It’s visible on the tires as a
smooth patch, followed by a smooth area with this pattern repeated across the

Leaking Fluid

Shocks and struts contain a piston and hydraulic fluid. Driving over a
rough road causes the shock or strut to compress, which creates pressure from
the piston against the hydraulic fluid absorbing the majority of the impact. A
wet and oily appearance to a shock or strut can indicate shock and/or strut
failure, and the need for replacement. Schedule service in our
auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX today.


Other Signs of Worn Shocks or Struts


Other potential signs of the need for shock or strut replacement include:

l  Steering wheel

l  The failure to
hold the road in curves

l  Damaged

l  Car leans to
one side even when sitting still

l  Upper or lower
mount broken

l  Broken dust

l  Bent or dented


A shock and a strut are
manufactured for the same purpose—they absorb shock and provide a smoother,
safer ride with greater driver control.

Despite the shock and strut both
providing the same result, they aren’t interchangeable. Newer vehicles usually have
either shocks or struts— and not typically both. However, some vehicles,
especially older ones, may have struts on the front axle and shocks on the rear.
Remember, the two aren’t interchangeable. That’s because a strut is a
structural part of the vehicle’s suspension system, and a shock isn’t. A strut
is also an essential part of the steering system and significantly affects
alignment angles.

It’s also essential to realize worn shocks and
struts affect the safety of you and your passengers. If you suspect worn shocks
and/or struts contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule shock and
strut replacement
in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. Our
certified mechanics have the expertise to provide reliable results with every