Fifth Gear Automotive is a full service and repair center for luxury, imports, domestic, and other automobiles. Our shop provides state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing, testing and repairing your car with the highest standard of automotive service. Furthermore,  our goal is to provide the highest quality service and parts our customer’s vehicle needs.  Our skilled automotive technicians are highly trained and maintain up-to-date knowledge with continuing education. This ensures the services you receive adhere to the manufacturers guidelines. and include Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Land Rover, and other luxury automobiles. Fifth Gear Automotive provides our customers with honest automotive service, maintenance and auto repair in Highland Village, TX for all makes and models. You can rest easy knowing our technicians are ASE certified mechanics with a passion for cars, and the expertise you deserve.

Fall Maintenance Checkups

Fall is an excellent time to schedule maintenance and a checkup for your luxury, domestic or import car. You will want to ensure the performance, reliability, and safety if your vehicle.  Tires are but one example of how maintenance keeps you safe. In addition, with winter approaching in a few months, you will need to ensure your tires have adequate tread and are in good condition.  Furthermore, a professional inspection of the tires can reveal problems with tires and/or the suspension, that could be dangerous, especially on wet and iced roads. Contact us today to schedule maintenance, service or auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Owning a car requires routine maintenance, and when provided in a timely manner reduces the expenses throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.  Tire inspection is one example of maintenance that can literally save your life. The blowout of a tire can cause a serious accident.  When tires are worn thin or have inadequate air in them, friction is increased, which heats up the tire. Expansion then occurs and a blowout may be the result.

Tire pressures are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, losing pressure in cooler weather and gaining it when the tires are heated up due to temperature or friction from the road. The warm days and cool nights of fall can impact tire pressure, resulting in changes in performance, gas mileage and tire tread.

Tire rotation is one way you can extend how long your tires will last. Rotation helps to ensure even tread wear, so they will last longer. Typically, uneven tread wear can indicate improper inflation, the need for wheel alignment, or suspension issues requiring auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Coolant Check

It is especially important to be on top of the engine coolant. Antifreeze helps prevent the engine from overheating in the summer, and freezing in the winter. Maintaining the proper level is important, and it is especially important to change the coolant at the recommended frequency. The failure to change the coolant, results in its conversion to acid and damage to the cooling system. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the radiator service you require, or other auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are another essential task. Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, which turn at several thousand RPM.  A low oil level, or worn out oil, can result in higher friction and premature wear of the engine. As engine replacement is a major expense, frequent oil checks, oil changes and repair when required will ensure the long term performance. The failure to change the oil as recommended will significantly shorten how long the engine lasts. Schedule your oil change or auto repair in Highland Village, TX with Fifth Gear Automotive today.


Brakes are essential to your safety, and brake failure is not a risk you want to take. Keeping a check on the brake fluid is an important task. When brake fluid is consistently low, schedule a brake inspection and service without delay. In addition, if you feel pulling when you brake or hear a grinding metallic noise get your vehicle into the shop. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the auto repair in Highland Village, TX that you require.


Ensure the battery terminals are clean. Before winter arrives have a charging test and inspection provided on your car. A dead battery is more likely to occur during extremes in temperature, winter or summer. The test will check the entire charging system, and can alert you to conditions such as a weakening alternator or starter. In addition, when it is time to replace the battery follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual. A battery less than your vehicle requires can leave you sitting in the cold with a dead battery, new or not. Fifth Gear Automotive can take care of it for you, by replacing your battery with the manufacturer recommended replacement for the reliable start you need.

These are but a few of the routine maintenance tasks your vehicle requires. Your owner’s manual is the best guide for scheduling other maintenance. We can provide the reliable maintenance and auto repair in Highland Village, TX your vehicle requires.

We Offer Warranty Services

Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics can provide your vehicle’s warranty services and factory manufactured parts. Eliminate the long waits, and the high prices of a dealership and schedule your automotive maintenance, service or auto repair in Highland Village, TX with us today.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers a wide range of professional automotive services, including reliable auto repair in Highland Village, TX.  A well-maintained automobile runs and performs better, provides greater reliability, and is safer to drive. You can rely on our ASE certified mechanics to provide the highest quality services. Give us a call, or bring your vehicle into our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.