Today’s automatic climate control
systems provide hands-free temperature regulation, regardless of the
temperature outside. Once you set the temperature on the vehicle’s automatic climate control system, it’s
designed to maintain that temperature regardless of the weather on the outside.
However, the system is extremely complicated, and beyond the abilities of even
the majority of do-it-yourself vehicle owners. When an issue occurs, a trained
technician is required. Bring your vehicle in to Fifth Gear Automotive for auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

Some vehicles have separate controls for
the driver, front passenger, and/or rear passengers, with sensors to monitor
cabin temperature in one or more “zones”. It also uses advanced technology in
an electric motor to control all the blend air doors in the system. The system typically
has more than 20 different control modules that communicate over a network of
multiplex wiring to provide individualized comfort. Depending on the
manufacturer, automatic climate control systems may also provide other

This is only a sampling of the fans and
sensors involved in today’s complicated automatic
climate control system,
which provides your vehicle with heating and
cooling. When a problem occurs, troubleshooting requires a trained technician
with specialized equipment and tools for the diagnosis and repair.

When an A/C cooling problem isn’t related to the failure of the refrigeration circuit,
it is likely due to the complicated automatic temperature control system. Diagnosis
requires a specialized scan tool for accessing and reading heating and air
conditioning codes, and a digital meter for testing circuits and sensors. Fifth
Gear auto mechanics are trained and
equipped to provide auto AC repair in
Lewisville, TX
for all makes and models of vehicles.

Although a number of late model
automatic temperature control systems have self-diagnostic features, and can generate
fault codes that help to identify the nature of the problem, a trained
technician is still required to test various components, and inspect wiring for
damage or failure.

Considering that many of the replacement
components are extremely costly, a precise diagnosis is essential. For example,
the control module can vary in cost from several hundred dollars to thousands
of dollars, depending on the vehicle. Fortunately, other parts are reasonably
priced. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics
can provide the specialized care your vehicle needs for auto AC repair Lewisville, TX.

However, you can check for a blown fuse,
check your owner’s manual for the fuse location, and replace with the same type
and amp fuse as the original. If the new fuse doesn’t correct the problem, or blows,
bring the vehicle to Fifth Gear Automotive for auto AC repair in Lewisville, TX for diagnosis and repair. One potential cause of repeatedly
blown fuses is a short or overload in the wiring.

It is also possible the automatic
climate control system will not operate if the battery has recently been
disconnected or replaced. On some vehicles, the system will require resetting,
potentially with a mechanic provided scanner.

Fifth Gear Automotive offers certified mechanics, and a company policy of integrity and
excellence in automotive service.
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AC repair in Lewisville, TX
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