Don’t Ignore These Car Noises!


Owning and driving a vehicle requires a
responsibility to ensure car maintenance
and repair. Routine maintenance involves regular oil changes, brake work, checking essential fluid levels, routine
inspection of numerous parts and consumables, and replacement of tires, filters, and other tasks. Purchasing an automobile is a costly investment, and the absolute best way to protect that investment and get the most return from it is to diligently keep up with the routine vehicle maintenance and promptly addressing any needed repairs as they arise. Fifth Gear mechanics in
our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX
can take care of all your automotive service and repair needs.

maintenance can extend the lifespan of many components, such as how regular oil changes vastly extend the life of your engine, it is an unfortunate reality the parts do wear out and things do break. Repairs are an unavoidable part of car ownership and timely repairs can often prevent
costly damage to other components.

Unusual noises are often a clue that
something is wrong. The following are noises you should never ignore:

A Squealing Wheel in Motion

A squealing noise coming from the area of
a wheel often may indicate a failing wheel bearing or axle bearing. The noise
will typically change with the vehicle speed, and may occur intermittently at
various speeds. Never ignore this warning sound as a failed bearing can cause a
wheel to lock up or come loose from the car. Our certified mechanics can provide a professional repair of this potentially
dangerous condition in our auto repair
shops in Lewisville, TX. 
As maintenance items go, this one is important enough that we could actually write a whole article on the topic of wheel bearings. (<—–Which, in fact, we did.)

A Clicking Wheel

A clicking sound from a drive wheel in
motion can indicate a failing outer constant velocity joint. Not sure what a “CV joint” is? Find out more and check out these badly worn CV joints that we recently replaced.

Brake Noises

Brakes may occasionally make groaning or
creaking noises when the pads are damp, and some types of brake pads may squeal
or squeak when they are cold. However, the brakes should be relatively quiet
when they are applied. If you hear a metallic scraping or grinding noises when
braking, it probably means your brake pads are worn, and your vehicle needs brake
pads and/or brake shoes. Many brakes are designed to make a squeaking noise as
an alert that it is time for a brake job. Don’t delay brake work because worn
brakes may not be able to stop the vehicle in a safe distance.

In fact, if the brakes are that badly
worn, there is a risk the pads may separate from the backing plate, potentially
causing brake failure. Metal-to-metal contact from worn pads or shoes is
extremely damaging to the rotors, leading to the need for their professional turning
or costly replacement. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics can provide the brake service you need in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX.

Engine Noise

A hissing noise from the engine
compartment when the engine is hot may mean the engine is overheating and/or
coolant is leaking from the cooling system. The temperature gauge or temperature warning light should
indicate an overheating engine. Steam from the engine compartment is an
additional sign of overheating. Do not continue driving the vehicle as severe
overheating can damage the engine.

Pull the vehicle to a safe location off
the road, and cautiously open the hood. Steam and a sweet odor indicate coolant
is leaking from the cooling system. Look for any evidence of coolant leaking
from the engine, radiator, and cooling hoses. Don’t remove the radiator cap as
scalding may occur. Furthermore, don’t add coolant until the engine has cooled
or engine damage may occur. Having the vehicle towed to Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX is
the best choice and can help prevent engine damage. Our certified mechanics can identify the problem and
provide the needed repair.

Engines producing a metallic tapping or
clicking noise may indicate the engine is low on oil, or is failing to produce
a normal oil pressure. If oil pressure is low because of a low oil level or due
to a problem with the oil pump, the hydraulic lifters that open and close the
valves can produce the noise you hear. Shut off the engine, and allow enough
time for the oil to run back down into the crankcase, and check the oil level.
If low, add oil as required to bring it back up to the full mark, and don’t overfill
the crankcase with oil. In addition, inspect for oil leaks around valve covers,
the crankshaft case, and underneath the car, or bring your vehicle by our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX for
diagnosis and engine repair.  

If the noise doesn’t stop, and/or the
oil pressure gauge or warning light indicates low oil pressure, don’t drive the
vehicle. Loss of oil pressure can cause severe damage to the engine. A Fifth
Gear mechanic can provide the automotive
you need in our auto repair
shop in Lewisville, TX

Engines and nearby accessory components can make a wide variety of noises during normal operation, but some engine sounds can indicate problems. When unusual noises occur, trust
our mechanics to find and repair the source in our auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX. When the exhaust system has a
leak, you’re likely to hear exhaust noise from under the vehicle that is
loudest when accelerating. Exhaust gasses contain dangerous carbon monoxide gas and, unless they are routed properly through non-leaking exhaust pipes, can potentially enter the passenger compartment. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a
silent killer, and only requires a small amount inside the passenger
compartment to affect your alertness and your ability to concentrate and drive safely. Watch out for these signs of carbon monoxide being present in the vehicle, and remember: even
a small amount can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and bring on stupor in
two hours. Carbon monoxide at a mere one percent concentration can kill a person
in less than three minutes.

If you suspect an exhaust
, bring your vehicle in to Fifth Gear Automotive auto repair shops in Lewisville, TX for inspection, comprehensive exhaust repair, and
personalized service.