When you own a luxury car, you expect the same quality from your mechanic and the replacement parts used for luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX. When you use Fifth Gear Automotive, you can rely on quality parts, and professional automotive services. Our mechanics are passionate about cars, and when you love what you do, the quality and accuracy are always higher. Our services include many warranty services, a fact many luxury car owners are not aware of. When you use us for your maintenance and/or automotive repair, we earn your business.

Many luxury cars are known for their smooth ride and precise handling. Unfortunately, time and age affect almost every aspect of your car. Eventually, any car will require shock and strut replacement. The following will help you to recognize when your aging luxury car can benefit with their replacement. Fifth Gear Automotive offers this service for your car and a full range of luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX.

The Signs

Everyone knows worn shocks and struts can cause a pot hole filled road to be uncomfortable to navigate. But did you know that worn shocks and struts can increase the safety risk for you and your passengers? For example, your car will experience a longer stopping distance when these components are worn and/or damaged. While your car is bouncing around, it can take 10 more feet to stop than it should. Replacement increase your car’s stability and increases your control for better braking. Stop the discomfort and increased risk, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX.

Braking and stability are not the only aspect these worn components may affect. While the vehicle is experiencing bouncing and jolts from rough road and potholes,;the wear and tear can also increase on other components of the suspension. The excessive movement from rough roads can increase wear on tie rod ends, ball joints and other components. You want your automobile to last as long as possible, and replacing worn components can prevent the additional wear and the resulting repairs. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule reliable luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX. We offer the automotive services you need.


Any vehicle that hits a bump or pothole in the road is going  to bounce. Shock absorbers and struts absorb the impact and reduce how long and how hard the car will bounce. If your vehicle is experiencing prolonged bouncing after hitting a rough spot, schedule shock and/or strut replacement. Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics can provide the shock and strut replacement you require for your car. In fact, we offer a wide range of services for maintenance and  luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX.

Poor Stability

Shocks and struts help maintain the vehicle’s stability and the driver’s control of the car. If hard braking causes the front end of the vehicle to dive, it is a likely indication that the shocks and/or struts are worn out and should be replaced Additional signs are squatting when you accelerate, and severe leaning to one side when making a turn. If you feel unsure whether your car needs new shocks and/or struts, our experienced mechanics can provide an inspection, and the necessary luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX that your car requires.

Tire Wear

As previously stated, worn shocks and struts can cause your vehicle to literally bounce during driving. This causes the additional problem of premature tire wear in a process called cupping. Replacement of the worn components will stop unnecessary wear and tear on your tires.

Visible Fluid Leaks

Shocks and struts contain a piston which compress when the vehicle travels over a rough patch of the road. The compressing piston creates pressure against the hydraulic fluid, or a gas, which absorbs most of the impact. In older automobiles with hydraulic shocks, a wet, oily appearance to a shock can indicate failure of the component. They are typically good for 25,000 miles. Newer cars use gas filled shocks if any. Many newer cars use struts front and rear. Gas filled shocks are typically good for 45,000 miles. However, damage to a shock can cause the loss of the gas.

Struts use a gas which is compressed. Replacement is the solution for worn out or damaged shocks and struts, and we can provide it for you in our stat-of-the-art shop. Schedule luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX today with Fifth Gear Automotive.

Additional Signs of Shock or Strut Issues

Additional signs that indicate worn shocks or struts include:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Poor performance in handling curves
  • Visible damage
  • Car leans to one side even when parked or stopped
  • Broken mount
  • Cracked or broken dust jacket

Whether your vehicle has shocks and/or struts depends on the manufacturer, model and the age of your car. Newer cars tend to have one or the other, while older cars typically have struts on the front and shocks on the rear.

Besides affecting how your car handles, it is important to understand that worn shocks and struts can affect the safety of you and your passengers. Contact Fifth Gear Automotive today to schedule a luxury car auto repair in Bartonville, TX. We can provide shock and strut replacement for your vehicle. You can count on our ASE certified mechanics to provide professional and reliable results with every automotive service.