Warning Signs – Transmission Repair

How to avoid major transmission repair

Transmission repair can be costly, being aware of problems before they become permanent damage can save you thousands of dollars.

Here are some things you can be aware of to avoid costly transmission repair



If you hear a rattling that you do not recognize, or other strange noises, checking the transmission can be worthwhile. If a problem has developed, it may be possible to repair with a simple transmission filter change, or tightening and replacing fasteners. If the transmission has been contaminated with debris, or is improperly aligned and attached to your vehicle, it may cause serious damage that will require transmission repair


If fasteners are not fitted properly, the transmission filter is not attached properly, or there is a defect in the transmission itself; it could result in leaking. There are several seals and gaskets that are in place in a transmission, and if they become damaged, or misaligned it could also cause a transmission leak. It is important to have transmission leaks inspected because your vehicle will be losing transmission fluid that provides vital lubrication to the gears. Lack of this lubrication will cause transmission failure, that will require costly transmission repair


Transmissions are designed to keep themselves clean, but over time, small metal particles, and other contaminants can build up in the transmission fluid. These particles increase the wear of the gears inside the transmission and can shorten the overall life. Where the contamination reaches a certain level, it can burn and lead to transmission repair being required. Check the transmission fluid regularly, not just for its level, but to see if it is clean.

Inability to Change Gears

If you are having trouble changing gears, or cannot change gears at all, there may already a problem with your transmission. Also if the gears grind, or the vehicle surges while changing gears a problem may have already developed.

Burning Smell or Smoke

If your transmission filter gets clogged, or your transmission fluid gets contaminated, it may result in a burning smell. In extreme cases it may result in smoke coming form the engine bay!

If your vehicle is showing signs of needing transmission repair, do not delay! Problems can be repaired before they become permanent damage that will require extensive transmission repair. Don’t wait until you get stranded, come to Fifth Gear Automotive for a checkup.