Cars have become more intelligent through the course of time. The features that we see in today’s cars would’ve sounded like magic a few decades ago. This advancement in technology has improved safety, comfort, and performance of the automobiles. Other things that have been improved by the technology are the warning sensors.

Warning sensors is an old technology and have already been around for decades now. But it has certainly improved over the years. These sensors indicate a potential problem in the vehicle by switching on the warning light on the dashboard to alert the driver. Nowadays, sensors are pretty accurate, so if your car warns you about a serious problem then it shouldn’t be taken lightly, and you should definitely take your car to a good auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

The numbers of the warning lights have also increased due to highly accurate sensors. Here are some of the warning lights that might appear on your dashboard. You should be aware of what they are warning you about:

Engine Temperature Warning

Engine temperature warning light is depicted by a thermometer dipped in liquid. This warning symbol usually appears when you start your car after a long stop— for instance, in the morning. But after the engine heats up it disappears. This warning light can appear in two different colors, red and blue. Red means that the engine coolant is overheated. When this appears, you need to pull over and let the car cool down by shutting down the engine.

If the light is blue, then it means the coolant temperature is lower then what is required for proper functioning. In any case, it is better to take your car for an auto repair in Lewisville, TX to get it checked for issues.

Oil Pressure Warning

If you notice a red warning light on your dashboard that looks like a mechanical oil pitcher, then it is the check engine warning light. This warning sign can either mean that there is a minor problem such as low oil pressure, or it can indicate a serious unknown problem inside the engine. So, if you spot this light on your dashboard while driving, the best thing to do is pull over, turn off the engine, and call for professional help by contacting the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

Battery Warning Light

On rare occasions, the battery warning light, depicted by an image of the battery, might turn red. The image has a positive and a negative sign on it so you can’t really mistake it for anything else. This sign is an indication that the car battery is about to run out of juice because it has stopped charging for some reason.

If you spot this sign while driving on the road, then the first thing to do is turn off all the electrical components of the car. This includes the air conditioning/heating, stereo, interior lighting, and even seat massage if you have that in your car. Don’t switch off the headlights if you are driving at night, and certainly don’t switch off the engine unless you reach a safe place. If possible then take your car straight for an auto repair in Lewisville, TX to resolve this issue before it causes more trouble.

Brake Warning Light

Every driver is quite familiar with brake warning light. The symbol for this is an exclamation mark, which is trapped inside a circle and parenthesis. It comes on every time you park after pulling/pushing the handbrake.

However, if this red symbol appears while you are driving, then it certainly isn’t a good sign. It could either mean that you have left the handbrake up or it could also mean that you have low brake fluid. To diagnose this problem, you should pull over and check if the handbrake is disengaged or not. After confirming that the handbrake isn’t causing the warning, examine the brake pedal by determining if there is any alteration in the travel of the pedal. If you are unable to determine the actual problem, then it is better to take your vehicle for an auto repair in Lewisville, TX to resolve this issue.

Check Engine Warning

Check engine warning light is depicted by a yellow colored symbol that looks like an engine. Although most of the cars have “Check Engine” written inside the symbol, some of the vehicles would just display the empty shape of the engine. You should be familiar with this sign and never ignore it. This warning could either indicate that there is a minor electronic damage or it could mean that a serious problem is about to occur in the engine. The best thing to do after spotting this warning light is to take your car to the best auto repair in Lewisville, TX for a thorough inspection.

Traction Control Warning

Modern cars have excellent traction sensors onboard that accurately detects the tires’ traction on the road. It is a yellow illuminated sign that shows a car with zigzag skid marks. This indicates that your car is losing traction. On seeing this sign, you should slow down to let the tires regain their grip on the road. This lights up for a few seconds, so if you still notice the sign even after you have stopped, then it is clearly a faulty sensor. Get your sensor checked by visiting a good auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

ABS Warning Light

An ABS warning light is similar to the handbrake sign but there are two differences. Instead of an exclamation mark, you have the letters “ABS” written inside the circle and when it lights up the light color is yellow instead of red. This sign indicates that there is a problem with your ABS. Although it is not a really serious sign as your brakes will still work without the ABS, you should still get it repaired quickly as ABS is really handy in emergency situations.

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