Fifth Gear Automotive is the top import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX. Our ASE certified mechanics are fully trained and experienced in working with all makes and models of import vehicles. These include, but are not limited to Audi, BMW,  Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen. We offer you an alternative to costly dealership services without the long wait.

Our mechanics are highly skilled because of their high level of training and continuing education, and their extensive experience with full service repair, and preventative maintenance services. We offer a complimentary vehicle inspection with every service, ensuring any problem can be addressed before becoming a major concern. Our mechanics expertise and dedication to customer service, honesty and integrity is what sets us apart from the rest. Give us a call when you need reliable import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Brake Repair

With winter in full swing, ensuring your brakes are in good repair is essential. If your brakes are under performing on your import, they may need import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX. The following are common signs indicating you should schedule a brake repair:

  • You are required to depress the brake pedal further than is normal. The pedal may seem “soft” and lack the normal pedal you are used to. Try “pumping” the brakes up, if the brakes do not respond with a higher brake pedal schedule service immediately.
  • Grinding or squealing noise when you depress the brake pedal. There may also be a metal on metal type of noise, and indicates worn out pads. Schedule prompt service to avoid additional repairs.
  • Feeling a vibration through the brake pedal or the steering wheel when you depress the brakes.
  • The master cylinder requires the addition of brake fluid. This is a dangerous situation, and requires prompt repair.
  • The parking brake will not engage or hold the vehicle.

The brake system requires periodic maintenance. Any of these signs can be an indication of imminent brake failure. Scheduling brake repair can in some situations, prevent additional expense and repairs of the brake system. Delay can also endanger the lives of yourself and others. Never ignore brake problems for your safety, schedule import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

Brake Maintenance

Not only does your vehicle require periodic shoe and/or rotor replacement, brake fluid should also be replaced according to the schedule in the owner’s manual. Brake fluid maintains proper brake function and lubricates the seals in the master cylinder. Furthermore, anytime pads are replaced, air will need to be bled from the braking system. A professional is equipped to provide a proper job. Air bubbles remaining in the system can result in a spongy brake pedal, and a loss of braking power. Trust your brake work to a professional, and schedule import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX with Fifth Gear Automotive.

Extending Brake Life

Stop and go traffic, and hilly roads tend to reduce how long your brake pads/shoes will last. While traveling a hilly road requires you to use your brakes, you can use your engine to assist in maintaining a slower speed. If you drive a manual transmission, shifting to a lower gear after slowing down, will help to prevent the engine building up speed going down steep hills. However, it is discouraged to go from normal driving speed to a sudden down shift. Damage may occur in the transmission if you do. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended speed related to a lower gear. Remember, the more you brake, the faster the wear. In addition, if you tend to ride the brakes unnecessarily, you can greatly extend the brake life by only using the brakes when needed.

How often have you prepared for braking to avoid a collision due to someone speeding up to a traffic light or stop sign and braking at the last minute? This driving habit will ensure the brakes will wear prematurely. Furthermore, if a failure were to occur, the results of a crash would be far worse. Prepare for stopping by gradually depressing the brakes without slamming down on them at the last moment, under normal driving conditions. Easing into routine stops will ensure the brakes last longer. The previously mentioned brake fluid flushes provided according to your owner’s manual is an additional means of extending brake life. Our auto technicians can provide the maintenance and import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX that you require.

Import car repair requires specialized skills, and we also provide import vehicle maintenance. With the level of experience our auto technicians possess, they know exactly what to look for on your import, and can provide first quality import car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.  For top performance and reliable repairs, contact us today to schedule maintenance or repair for your import vehicle.

Fifth Gear Automotive is a family owed independent automotive repair shop with over 100 years of experience with all domestic and import makes and models, specializing in European auto repair and over 13 years serving Lewisville, Highland Village, Flower Mound, Lantana, Double Oak, and the surrounding communities. We have one goal; Complete Customer Satisfaction on all your auto repairs.