Why Choose Us

When you need maintenance or luxury car auto repair in Highland, TX, you want a skilled mechanic you can rely on time after time. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide you with the professional services you need for your luxury car, import or domestic vehicle.

It’s a common misconception that you can only use a dealership for your vehicle. While your vehicle may require specialized tools, diagnostic equipment and training, it’s not set it stone that you must carry it to a dealer. We’re equipped to provide the services you need, and employ ASE certified mechanics with the training, experience and skill, your vehicle requires.

Fifth Gear Automotive has a lot to offer, including lower costs than a dealership, a shorter wait time, and personalized service. In addition to domestic and import services, we offer a broad range of professional services for maintenance and luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX.

As previously stated, Fifth Gear Automotive employs ASE certified mechanics. This means our mechanics are trained to a higher standard, and have demonstrated a higher proficiency and skill than the typical mechanic. Our mechanics expertise saves you money with an accurate diagnosis the first time, which prevents unnecessary repairs and excessive costs.

Through the years, Fifth Gear Automotive has built a reputation by upholding the standard of first quality service, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The next time your car needs routine maintenance, or luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX, give us a call, or bring your car in for automotive services you can rely on.

Foreign Cars Vs. Domestic and the Differences

The debate rages on regarding American vs. foreign cars. However, when car shopping the key factors for consideration remain quality, style, price and fuel efficiency.


For a long time foreign made vehicles, and especially luxury European autos were the winner when it came to quality, reliability and service life. American manufacturers are taking these issues seriously, and continue to provide improvements in these key areas. In fact, some of the more recent best in class vehicles’ have been American vehicles. American manufacturers are investing in higher quality designs and manufacturing, for added safety, performance and longevity. The playing field is beginning to level out, and consumers are responding. Whether you need domestic, import or luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX, we offer the skilled mechanics who can provide the professional quality service you require.


Style comes down to your personal preference. You may like a particular design, or the prestige involved in a luxury import. While there are numerous factors involved in selecting a vehicle, style is often a considerable factor. Few people will buy a style they dislike.


The time was that American cars were hands down the choice for a budget. However, with domestics adopting many of the features of luxury cars the price continues to rise. While many types of American cars still offer a more budget friendly option, others are less competitive with European cars. Some foreign cars are actually more competitive in cost than domestic vehicles, but when it comes to vehicles loaded with the more recent options, the price line is narrowing between the two. In some cases, you can actually own a fine German automobile for less than an American sports car or some pickup trucks.


The cost of luxury car auto repair in Highland, TX tends to run higher than for domestics. However, a growing number of foreign car manufacturers are producing their automobiles in the U.S., along with the manufacture of a growing list of parts. Shipping from within the U.S. will become more common as time goes on. When you need luxury car auto repair in Highland, TX, contact Fifth Gear Automotive for service you can count on.

Fuel Efficiency

American fuel efficiency has long lagged behind European manufacturers and others. American manufacturers are now working to close the gap. A number of additional manufacturers from both sides of the pond have recognized the benefits of hybrids and electric vehicles in their lineups, whether present or future. If you choose a hybrid or electric vehicle, Fifth Gear Automotive can save you significant money with battery rec-conditioning when it comes time. Chances are, you’ll never need to buy another battery for your hybrid or EV. Give us a call, our trained and certified specialists are ready to restore your battery, and your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Comparing models from various manufacturers can be greatly simplified by knowing what you want, and expect from your next automobile. As American manufacturers continue to answer the consumer call for greater quality, style, price and efficiency, the gaps will continue to narrow between the American and European models. There was a time when Americans bought according to what appealed to their style, self image, and price. Today’s consumer is far more discerning, with greater demands for quality, and fuel efficiency. Fifth Gear Automotive is discerning as well. We want to provide the highest quality services, including luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX, along with exceptional customer service. That’s because we understand that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

When you need maintenance or luxury car auto repair in Highland Village, TX, contact Fifth Gear Automotive ASE certified mechanics today to schedule the automotive service you require. You can rely on us to provide professional and reliable services, honesty and integrity and superior customer service, we are ready to serve you.