Protecting Your Engine

timing belt at camshaft of modern engine

When it comes to your vehicle’s perfect function, timing is everything. The timing belt on the engine is responsible for maintaining smooth power and coordination between all the moving parts in the engine. If it fails, engine damage could be catastrophic! That’s why Fifth Gear Automotive offers timing belt service for all makes and models. We protect your vehicle’s engine and optimal performance!

Replacing your timing belt will provide you and your vehicle with many benefits, including:

  1. Improved horsepower and acceleration
  2. Increased gas mileage
  3. Prevent unexpected and/or more costly auto repairs

In older vehicles, the standard timeframe to replace a timing belt is around 60,000 miles. As technology advances, many vehicle manufacturers recommend intervals around 100,000 miles! To confirm your vehicle’s recommended timing belt replacement interval, you can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual, or simply schedule service with us here Fifth Gear Automotive. 

Does your vehicle need timing belt repair or replacement? Our technicians are ASE Certified and have decades of experience performing all kinds of engine repairs. We know the signs of timing belt wear and can recommend service to prevent serious problems and costly damages.


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