Here’s a quick look at what’s happening right now in the shop as we wind down to the end of the day:


Luis, the newest addition to the Fifth Gear family, is performing a routine “Courtesy Check” on a Honda Odyssey before replacing a broken wheel stud

Cody just finished up replacing the thermostat on a Volvo S80 and is getting ready to start working on the brakes

Ty is right in the middle of performing a timing belt and water pump replacement on a Mazda Miata

Rick is assembling the engine core return from a recent engine replacement that we did on a Honda S200 track car

Tyler, always the consummate professional, is doing his best “man of action” pose for the camera while in the middle of a transmission flush on a Porsche Cayman

Tim is buttoning everything back up on a Mercedes-Benz SLK350 after replacing the intake assembly, as well as performing a handful of routine maintenance items

And lastly, Celso is buffing away and nearly finished with a headlight restoration on a Mercedes-Benz E350.

As you can see, we do it all! Give us a call at 972-317-4005 for all of your auto repair and service needs.