Would you believe this engine only has 37k miles on it?
Audi RS4 Engine with Intake Ports Exposed
Let’s take a closer look…

Close-up of Intake Ports Showing Carbon Build-up (Click for larger image)
“Carbon build-up” is a common problem that can have serious effects on your engines’s performance. Depending on the severity, these effects can range from cold-starting problemsignition misfires, and drastically reduced engine performance, just to name a few. This is especially true for vehicles with direct injection engines, like our customer’s Audi RS4 pictured here. We shed some light on the mysterious-sounding issue with some pictures we took today so you can see exactly what we mean. All of that build-up has occurred in just 37,000 miles!

Here’s a good article with a lot more detailed information on this phenomenon:

To slow down this process, it’s important to have high-quality oil changes performed at least every 5,000 miles. Eventually though, you will probably need to have that carbon cleaned. We can clean up carbon build-up with a process that includes “walnut shell abrasive blasting” which is both effective and safe for your engine. You can see how much better it looks in the “After” picture below!
Audi RS4 Intake Port After Walnut Shell Abrasive Blasting
After we cleaned that built-up carbon from the intake ports, the check engine light (CEL) was turned off and our customer happily reported to us that her beloved RS4 ran like new again!

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